Minutes 02-07-08

Minutes of the Association for Rural and Small Libraries
Board of Directors Meeting
Thursday, February 7, 2008
8:30 a.m. Pacific; 9:30 a.m. Mountain; 10:30 a.m. Central; 11:30 a.m. Eastern
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Submitted by Mary Pasek Williams, Secretary
I. Welcome and Call to Order
Meeting began at 10:30am CT. Present: Jim Malzewski, Ken Davenport, Becky Heil, Bonnie McKewon, Carla Lehn, Carolyn Ashcraft, Lynette Sloan, Larry Grieco, Rose Chenoweth, Timothy Owen, Mary Pasek Williams.
Absent: Bernie Vavrek, Don Reynolds, Satia Orange, Patty Hector, Susan Hill Pieper.
II. Approve Minutes of December 20, 2007
Timothy Owens moved to approve the minutes, all agreed. Minutes were approved.
Mary mentioned that she has sent all approved minutes to Jim for posting on the ARSL website on WJ. Jim hasn’t received; Mary will resend.
III. Treasurer’s Report
Becky presented the treasurer’s report. After completing one outstanding check, Becky will close out the account and will transfer it all to BCR. Our total now is $20,271.
Becky reported that we received a bill for $1,200 from Clarion to cover the cost of sending Rural Libraries Journal to all of the members. Becky understood that this money had already been transferred, according to board agreement noted in the 5/2/07 minutes, with the total amount not to exceed $1,000. In these minutes, it was noted that “Bernie suggests transferring this cost to Clarion from our current rural library account” at Clarion. This payment was to come from the $10,000 in funds that Clarion held for ARSL in their account, which they had to spend down rather than hand over to the new account. Jim asked for clarification on the journal benefit. Carla reported that the board decided that last year, members would receive both editions of the journal. In the coming years, the journal will be discounted for one level of membership but it won’t be paid for. Mary presented a motion, which was seconded, as a response to this bill: We as the board believe that we have already paid for the cost of mailing Rural Libraries Journal. If Clarion believes that we are incorrect, please let us know and we will look into it further. Motion passed. The Treasurer will contact Clarion about this.
 BCR Liaison Report:
Becky reported that we are still having trouble with finding a good url; she will continue to work on it and will get back to us. Carla googled “arsl” and the first thing that comes up is Clarion; Carla suggests that we do what we can to get our current website higher up on the results list. Jim reported that WJ should be able to accelerate and move up this position later this summer, but that for the time being, we need to promote the use of the site!
Membership database progress: Becky reports that we are starting to see a lot of traffic with people renewing their memberships online!
BCR is willing to discuss doing a listserv for us but they don’t have the staff to monitor it so we’d have to do that. Carla suggest that we refer this to the program and publications committee. Jim will look into getting space on the arsl WJ site for listserv conversations.
Becky reported that password protection is being worked on.
IV. California Conference Update
Carla reported for Patty, who was called away. Contract was signed with Raddison Hotel in Sacramento. The conference committee is working on an early bird registration date. Carla reported on last meeting’s charge for the conference committee by the board on how presentations will be handled. There will be 15 workshop presenters who will be asked to speak twice, and they will get hotel accommodations for up to 3 nights, and if necessary, will be able to ask for travel expenses to be covered/partially paid for. Presenters will have their conference fees waived at member rate (so they’ll need to join ARSL if not already a member), but will not receive honorariums. There is space for 5 keynote speakers, who will each get $1000 honorariums, hotel costs and the committee has also received some additional monies that might be used for keynote speakers.
Keynote presentations were discussed and will be reported on at the next meeting. Subcommittee chair Larry White is working on exhibitors. A ticketed event for a luncheon will be offered at the conference and Larry Grieco arranged for author Nadia Gordon to present at this luncheon; she is part of the California Center for the Book’s “Mysterious California” program, about which a documentary has been filmed.
Carla reported on how we will market the conference, which is in discussion presently in the conference committee. One way to market the conference is to forward the conference link (webjunction.org/arsl) to your online networks – don’t wait! Any questions should be directed to Carla or Patty.
Carla noted that directly after the conference, we are again planning a face-to-face board meeting. The meeting will begin on Sun., Sept. 21 in afternoon and will end at noon on Mon., Sept. 22; please make space in your schedule for this meeting. The board hotel room for this meeting will be paid for Sunday night.
The conference committee reiterated that one of their charges is to plan conference sites for 3-5 years out. Carla asks first if any members of the board would like to hold the conference in their state and if so, they should first secure a willing state partner/cosponsor. If you are interested, make your contacts and then send that information to Carla and Patty so that they can get those dates out for the membership. Carolyn suggested that Arkansas might be a site in 2012 or 2013 in central Arkansas (with the Clinton Library and Heifer International) as draws. In addition, the Arkansas Library Assoc. annual meeting is in late Sept. or early Oct., which might be good for piggybacking the two conferences.
Rose noted that the deadline for submitting proposals is today. As of now, we have 50 proposals; all have been sent to the committee. The conference comm. will make a selection of 15 of these proposals. Rose is doing summaries that include equipment needs. Rose suggests defining our audience better next year because we have several applicants who are proposing to present dissertations from library schools as well as several other proposals that aren’t very clear and need “translations.” Discussion took place on dissertations; the consensus was that most dissertations wouldn’t be of interest to this conference.
V. Committee Appointments
Carla pointed out that we have recruited people who are not board members to be on these committees; this is to be encouraged. People can be on more than one committee! Please send any recommendations for people to be on committees to committee chairs.
So far, committees are comprised of:
Conference Committee – Patty Hector, Chair; Committee Members from the Board: Rose Chenoweth, Satia Orange, Larry Grieco, Bonnie McKewon, Becky Heil; Additional Committee Members: Larry White, Melanie Lightbody, Eliza Wingate, Carla Lehn
Programs and Publications Committee – Lynette Sloan, Chair; Committee Members from the Board: Ken Davenport ; suggest that Bernie and Susan Hill Piper be on this committee.. Additional Committee Members: none yet.
Finance Committee – Becky Heil, Chair; Committee Members: All Board Committee Chairs
Marketing and Partnerships Committee – Timothy Owens, Chair; Committee Members from the Board: Mary P. Williams, Carolyn Ashcraft; Additional Committee Members: none yet.
Membership Development Committee – Larry Grieco, Chair; Committee Members from the Board: none yet; Additional Committee Members: none yet.
All Committees must meet before next board meeting. Jim has offered to do these conference meetings on WJ – let him know. Or, do it by phone conference and ARSL will pay for it unless your organization wants to help pay or offer conferencing services. Carla noted that we should all use the “Strategic Plan” initial workplans to get started – identify tasks and timelines for 2008. Carla can provide these workplans if you can’t locate them. Other duties will be to: consider committee budget needs, and to have committee Chairs meet with Becky to develop 2008 ARSL budget.
VI. Discussion of Partnering with other organizations
Several board members will attend PLA and ALA. Those attending could try to get together to decide how to promote the ARSL conference at these two national conferences.
Ken suggests that now that we have a Partnership committee, that they discuss the general partnership issues that the whole board was to discuss today.
Clarion conference partnering question: Two meetings ago, Bernie asked if we would agree to be a partner on Clarion’s upcoming April 30-May 2 “From Center City to the Exurbs” conference in Columbus. Mary reported that Bernie called her on Tuesday and then responded to the email she sent to him again that summed up the ARSL board’s response and the board’s questions to him. Bernie answered via email that he thought ARSL might want to be involved
without any financial or other commitment; that this is a one time only conference with no other sponsors; that it is targeted to all types of public libraries from the inner city to the suburbs and beyond; and that no vendors have been asked beyond two of the bookmobile manufacturers.
Discussion then ensued regarding partnering: it was suggested that we may want to consider only supporting small library conferences at this point; it was suggested that we need to distinguish between promotion and partnering, as promotion may be more doable for us; and that when we partner that it is made clear that the event partnered with is not an ARSL event.
In summary, Jim presented a motion for the chair (Timothy) of the Marketing and Promotions committee to have to report to Bernie on the issue: At this point, we don’t have the resources to partner but we will assist to promote wherever it is of interest to our members. Motion was seconded. Motion passed. Timothy will also ask Bernie if we can promote the ARSL conference at the Clarion conference. Bernie and Timothy will be going to that conference; the conference committee will contact them to take materials to that conference. Timothy will also talk to Bernie about continuing to attend these ARSL board meetings as our Clarion-ARSL liaison and if he can’t that attend that perhaps he could send a representative.
VII. Schedule Future Board Meeting(s)
April 3 at 9:00am PT, 10:00 MT, 11:00 CT, noon ET.
Rose moved to adjourn and the meeting was adjourned at 12:08pm CT.


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