Minutes 04-03-08

Minutes of Association for Rural and Small Libraries
Board of Directors Meeting
Thursday, April 3, 2008
9:00 a.m. Pacific; 10:00 a.m. Mountain; 11:00 a.m. Central; Noon Eastern
Submitted by Mary Pasek Williams, Secretary
Present: Jim Malziewski, Bonnie McKewon, Timothy Owen, Becky Heil, Carla Lehn, Larry Grieco, Ken Davenport. Absent: Satia Orange, Bernie Vavrek, Carolyn Ashcraft, Lynette Sloan, Don Reynolds, Rose Chenoweth, Patty Hector
Welcome and Call to Order
Meeting began at 11:10am CT. Carla reported on Don’s recuperation.
Approve Minutes of February 7, 2008
Minutes were approved; no changes were made.
Treasurer’s Report
Becky’s treasurer’s report catches us up from the beginning of this year. All funds have now been transferred to BCR. Becky reported that BCR sends us a monthly printed statement; Becky will find out how to get these to all board members. Larry asked for summaries on the second page; Becky responded that it will depend on how BCR formats it, but she will try.
BCR Liason report: the website has been updated several times now: a conference registration page is almost ready to go (by April 4); Becky has been working with BCR, Susan Hill Pieper (Rural Libraries Newsletter) and John Swanson (Rural Libraries Journal and arsl listserv) to come up with policies on how subscriptions and payment will be handled. Membership information will also be provided to Larry G., membership chair. Carla asked if BCR is willing to do a listserv if we have a listserv monitor. Becky responded that BCR is discussing this and that Ellen Fox is the person at BCR most likely to handle our listserv. We’d like to have everything moved into BCR because we feel that with the grad. student leaving Clarion soon, it’d be a good time to have it moved to one place. At this point, Becky keeps the communication line open between ARSL, Clarion and BCR.
There are also password protection issues that conflict with the listserv accessibility. We want to send out the Rural Libraries newsletter issues that are promised to members but BCR can’t issue individual passwords so that only ARSL members can get the newsletter rather than everyone on the listserv. Susan Hill Piper has agreed to email a pdf of the newsletter to members who get it as a part of their membership so that the password issue is no longer a problem.
Conference Committee Report
Carla reported that we received a flyer listing the five speakers, as well as 20 workshops that were selected from 56 proposals!
Conference registration timeline: this will be up soon through BCR. Extra early bird rates will be in effect through June 30th, then early bird registrations after that until Aug. 28. Local arrangements are looking great, including some dine-arounds and tour opportunities (all will appear on the registration form). CA state lib. director of special collections will create a special display about the history of
California County Libraries for the reception at the state library. Larry White is leading the exhibit portion of the conference and that will also be on the listserv.
Marketing: on WJ’s next webinar on May 15, we will have an opportunity to do a commercial.
Everyone on the conference committee has been asked to forward all information to any list to get our information out. Regular conference teasers will come out on the website.
Upcoming conferences after 2009 in Tennessee: Colorado is looking to 2010 to host the conference; the CO State Library and the Colorado library consortium would be appropriate partners. Larry Grieco has gotten good support so far and he feels that this has gotten off to a very good start and it looks very encouraging. Larry asked who should be a contact person for how to answer questions for upcoming conferences; Ken suggested that they contact the Marketing and Partnership Committee as well as the Conference Committee chair. Larry has received an outline from California on what would be a good procedure for those approached as being a partner; Carla will send this document out to all board members. Mary moved that Colorado hosts the conference in 2010; Timothy 2nded. Unanimously approved.
Appoint Nominating Committee
Three board positons expire this year, though they can agree to be nominated again. Our by-laws state that the board appoints the nominating committee. Don proposed we use the immediate past president, president and VP/President elect to work through this election timeline. Carla moved to support Don’s proposal, Larry 2nded. Motion passed. For those whose terms expire in 2008, the nominating committee would like to hear from you to know if you’d like to be re-nominated. The nominating committee is also looking for a VP/Pres-elect.
Programs and Publications Committee Report
In Lynette’s absence, Jim Malziewski reported that WebJunction will launch a new platform this summer, which should be more user-friendly with more social networking tools. Jim suggests bringing in another person to assist with this new platform (early May for online training and June 3-5 in person in Seattle), and he is recruiting someone from ARSL to attend this training session in Seattle. Lynette is willing but isn’t sure she can work it out; Timothy agreed to be a back-up if Lynette can’t attend.
Jim announced two WJ Webinars: on May 1: Library Journal’s Best Small Library, the Chelsea District Library in Chelsea, MI will be featured and on May 15 will be the webinar, “Making the Most of Conferences as a Professional Development Tool.”
Marketing and Partnerships Committee
Timothy reported that the committee had one conference call with Ken and Timothy (Carolyn couldn’t attend) and that Bernie will be a new committee member. 2008 tasks were reviewed: partnerships (will pursue to partner first with ALA with Satia’s input) and press releases procedures (the committee hopes to bring something to the next board meeting on this). Their next step is to define partnerships and what partnerships may involve. Ken is making contacts with state small library associations (Iowa and Texas).
Membership Development Committee
Larry noted a concern that new members not getting a welcome or acknowledgement after joining ARSL. Carla drafted a welcome document, which Larry revised and forwarded to Becky to send on to BCR, who then sent it on to the person who manages the database.
Larry discussed an idea to campaign for new members by contacting each existing member with a member factsheet as well as a challenge for each member to recruit one additional member from each state, doing this every six months. Mary asked about incentives for this and suggested that it should be monetary. Larry suggested half-price membership for the next year or a nice letter; Mary suggested the possibility of offering extra early bird conference registration costs to those who recruit new members. The membership committee will discuss these ideas.
Ken discussed obtaining ARSL ribbons to put on conference badges – Jim responded that he can help with this if Ken gets the wording to him. Becky identified that distributing these ribbons may be a problem because we’d have to mail them to all members.
Schedule Board Meetings into the Future
Because we were not all present to solicit meeting dates, it was decided to do an online poll. Carla offered to set it up at Doodle Poll or Survey Monkey and will contact Bonnie if she needs help.
Meeting adjourned at 12:26 CT.



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