Minutes 07-29-08

Minutes of the Association for Rural and Small Libraries
Board of Directors Meeting
Tuesday, July 29, 2008
10:00 a.m. Pacific; 11:00 a.m. Mountain; Noon Central; 1:00 p.m. Eastern
Submitted by Rose Chenoweth, Secretary Pro Temp
Present: Don Reynolds, Carla Lehn, Lynette Sloan, Ken Davenport, Larry Grieco, Patty Hector, Rose Chenoweth, Bonnie McKewon, Susan Pieper; Timothy Owens
Absent: Becky Heil, Jim Malzewski, Carolyn Ashcraft, Mary Pasek Williams; Satia Orange; Bernard Vavrek
Welcome and Call to Order
The meeting began at 12:00 CT. President Don Reynolds chaired the meeting.
Approve Minutes of April 3, 2008
Susan Pieper made the motion to approve the minutes. Minutes were approved.
Treasurer’s Report
No Treasurer’s Report was sent.
There followed a discussion of the powers of ex officio members: Can they make motions? Count in the quorum? The discussion was tabled to a later date while research is done.
Finance Committee Report
Mary Pasek Williams and Becky Heil sent a proposal for board funding requests for conference. Those are attached to the report as Addendum A.
Board members can ask for partial reimbursement or total reimbursement up to a maximum of $1100 ($700 for air fare and $400 for hotel costs) this year. The amount available may vary from year to year.
Patty Hector moved that the proposal be accepted with the board being preferred over ex officio for funding, forms are to be submitted at least 30 days before conference to president and treasurer. Susan Pieper seconded. Motion carried.
There was a question about whether board members going off the board are eligible for fund assistance. Don Reynolds said he wanted to wait until he could look at the requests before he could make a recommendation.
Also the last night of the hotel stay is covered under another budget line item.
President’s Report
Potential Endorsement of Rural Compact:
The board decided to support endorsing it. Carla Lehn suggested that Don send a message to the listserve on this decision. Don said he was preparing a press release and would add the endorsement to the list.
He also suggested that we make overtures to the following groups:
1. National Rural Assembly and others on page 60 of the document he sent us sent us.
3. National Rural Network
4. National Associations of Counties
Report on July Rural Summit at Clarion:
Bernie announced he will be retiring from Clarion University at the end of August. The Center for Rural Librarianship will no longer be located at Clarion University; they are looking for a new home for the Center. There have been various discussions but no decisions.
The Bookmobile association suggested we do a joint conference with them again. In 2009 they are meeting in Everett, Washington but maybe we could do a joint conference in Denver in 2010. Larry Grieco will talk to his 3 supporting partners to see how they would feel about this.
Nominating Committee Report
Carla Lehn reported on the election results. Timothy Owens has been elected Vice President/President Elect. Our new board members are Steve Seale, Andrea Berstler, and Sonya Plummer-Morgan. 31% of the membership voted. Don needs to re-appoint the ex officio members. He agreed to appoint Satia Orange from ALA/OLOS and Jim Malzewski from WebJunction.
Carla also reported that there have been several volunteers for our committees. Timothy Owens and Lynette Sloan both had volunteers for their committees.
Conference Committee
Patty Hector reported that there are 179 conference registrations with 57 signed up for the author luncheon. She said Larry White reported at the conference committee meeting that there are 5 exhibitors paid with 3 more with reserved space. There have been three door prizes pledged. They are still looking for volunteers. She encouraged board members to suggest vendors and to refer them to the website for information on how to become a sponsor or exhibit.
August 1 is the deadline for deciding the room block. 72% are already booked.
Programs and Publications Committee Report
Lynette Sloan said the committee had no report. Don asked if the committee would consider taking on Rural Libraries. It was suggested that we wait until we see where the Center for Rural Librarianship ends up as that organization may want to publish it. Carla Lehn read the committee’s charge. Don said the Tennessee is looking at developing topical wikis which could be fed through Web Junction.
Marketing and Partnerships
Timothy Owens announced that the ALA affiliation was accepted at the June conference. They have added to two new members to the committee bringing the total to six. Don had sent the board information on creating a logo. There was discussion on the process but no decisions. Tim volunteered to identify the steps and specifications for developing a logo within a month and reporting on this at the September board meeting.
Don suggested that the committee should contact all rural and state library groups and invite them to become affiliates or partners. Tim said the committee is still trying to define the term partnerships.
Don said as an ALA affiliate we have been offered an application for a program which is due August 1 for the next annual conference which is in Chicago. Don, Susan Pieper, Rose Chenoweth, Larry Grieco, and Tim Owens will be working on the proposal.
Membership Development Committee
Larry Grieco said we currently have 359 members as opposed to 192 in September, 2007. He has a draft proposal for committee procedures. He will send the board a copy of the proposal once the committee approves it.
Future Board Meeting
It is scheduled for Sunday afternoon, evening, and morning of September 21 and 22.
The meeting adjourned at 3:00 CT.
Please mail form and receipts to:
Becky Heil, Treasurer
c/o Dubuque County Library
PO Box 10
Farley, IA 52046
All requests for reimbursement must be received by November 1, 2008.
Attach all receipts
If driving own car
mileage @ $ .585 per mile
If renting:
rental fee and gas receipts
Other transportation (bus, train, taxi)
2008 maximum amount $1100.00
Claimant signature:
Approved by Treasurer: Date:
Board/Planning Committee Member Request for Consideration for Financial Aid for ARSL Annual Conference/Planning Committee
Today’s Date: ________________________
Conference Dates: ___________________________________
Name: ________________________________________________
Email address: ____________________________________
Office Held: _________________________________________
Projected Travel Costs (choose one or more according to your trip plan):
Airfare: _____________________________
Rental Car Fee: ________________________
Miles You’ll Drive Personal Car: ___________________
Bus, Train or Other Transportation: ________________________
Projected Housing Costs:
Hotel dates: _________________,20 ____ to _________________, 20 ____
(do not include the board meeting night as this is automatically reimbursed)
Form due 30 days prior to ARSL Annual Conference*
*Decisions will be granted as applications are received (first-come, first-served). A lottery may be instituted near the deadline so as to not exceed a quorum (seven) for the annual planning meeting.
Approved: __________________ by _________________________________________________.
date President and Treasurer



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