Minutes 10-20-08

Minutes of the Association for Rural and Small Libraries
Board of Directors Meeting
Monday, October 20, 2008
10:00 a.m. Pacific; 11:00 a.m. Mountain; Noon Central; 1:00 p.m. Eastern
Submitted by Mary Pasek Williams, Secretary
Welcome and Call to Order
The meeting began at 12:10pm CT.
Present: Carla Lehn, Jim Malziewski, Patty Hector, Andrea Berstler, Rose Chenoweth, Becky Heil, Carolyn Ashcraft, Don Reynolds, Larry Grieco, Lynette Sloan, Mary Pasek Williams, Steve Seale, Timothy Owens. Absent: Susan Hill Pieper, Satia Orange.
Consent Agenda
The minutes of the 9/22/08 board meeting were presented. Rose made a motion to approve minutes; Andrea seconded. Minutes were approved. There was no treasurer’s report.
Executive Committee Report
ARSL President Patty Hector reported on the Executive Committee meeting of 10/13/08. The executive committee gave Don permission to pursue quotes for a logo design. Don reported that he has requested quotes and is waiting to hear back from the logo artists..
Mary edited the Annual Conference Partnership Opportunities document that Carla and Patty had previously drafted. Timothy asked to include the decisions that Colorado and North Carolina have agreed to partner with ARSL in 2010 (CO) and 2012 (NC). The 2009 Gatlinburg, TN conference partner is the Tennessee State Library and Archives. Larry stated that the 2010 Colorado partners are: Gene Hainer at the Colorado State Library, Valerie Horton at the Colorado Lib. Consortium (CliC). and Brenda Bailey-Hainer at BCR. Timothy reported that The North Carolina partner for 2012 is the State Library of North Carolina. These changes will be made to the final document as well a change to the last sentence so that it states that we actively seeking partners for upcoming conferences and that 2011 is open. Don will work with Mary to tidy up the history section to reflect a more positive portrayal of the organization’s history. Mary will send the revised document immediately to Carla to be sent off to possible partners for 2011.
The old ARSL website through Clarion University has been taken down. Don reports that our new website comes up now when doing a Google information search.
Approval of Documents Developed at Sept Board Meeting
Strategic Committee Workplans for 2009:
Don suggested rewording #6 of the Strategic Goals regarding ARSL partnerships with other organizations to more accurately reflect some original wording. This will also affect the Strategic Goal for the Marketing & Partnership Committee. New wording reads: “Ensure strong ARSL partnerships with other national library and non-library organizations on rural and small town issues, including those that represent traditionally underserved populations that may be reflected in rural and small libraries.” Patty moved to approve this change, Larry 2nded. Motion passed.
Guidelines for our Work Together As a Board:
Discussion took place regarding responding to emails to let the sender know that you received it. Mary moved that we approve the guidelines. Andrea 2nded. Motion passed. Discussion took place regarding responding to emails and it was recommended that we leave it out of the guidelines, knowing that we are all aware that it is imperative to respond to emails that directly request action.
2008 Conference Committee Final Report
Final Conference Registration counts:
Committee Chair Becky Heil reported that 266 registered for the 2008 ARSL Conference; 14 did not attend. 103 signed up for CA scholarships; 6 of those didn’t attend. Our goal was 300 attendees (we had 252). For the most part, we are not refunding the cancellations (with exceptions for hardship cases). Becky hopes that by the December 2008. meeting, we will have final figures on finances of the conference.
Discussion of possible joint conference with ABOS in Denver 2010:
Larry asks what number of attendees we would anticipate if we suggest a joint conference with the Association of Bookmobile and Outreach Services (ABOS). We do not feel we can estimate the numbers; Larry would work with ABOS and the conference planning committee to determine that. Andrea suggest that since we have our conference in the works already that we clearly delineate who will do what, if we choose to do it with ABOS. Several questions arose: will this be an overlapping conference or a simultaneous conference? What is the reason that ABOS would want a joint conference? What are both of the organizations’ goals? Don feels that the idea of asking to host a joint conference is simply to work together so that members of both organizations who have interests in both groups can attend both conferences. Carla clarified the origination of this subject: she had spoken with Theresa Gemmer (Immediate Past Pres. of ABOS) and asked if they would consider doing the conferences together. Carla stated that ABOS did not approach us but that they did consequently ask some questions, so they may be open to the idea. Don spoke of the commonalities of the membership of the two organizations.
Larry is concerned that having too many committees would be difficult for his Colorado partners and proposed a joint committee of the two organizations. As a stepping point, most felt that we could invite ABOS to join with us to form a committee to discuss our common goals, including a possible shared conference. Don and Larry will be on the committee and will contact ABOS to invite them. Larry would like to bring a proposal to the three Colorado partner organizations so that they are aware of this discussion.
Final approval of Conference Refund Policy
Carla proposed a short policy that was already posted on Googledocs, based on BCR’s (Bibliographic Center for Research, our fiscal agent) cancellation policy, with the hardship case added. Andrea moved to accept this report; Rose 2nded. Motion passed.
Programs and Publications Committee Report
Budget Needs for 2009:
Committee Chair, Rose Chenoweth reported on Rural Libaries journal; access to the journal has been and would be included in ARSL member dues. If we subscribe to Survey monkey, it would cost $200 per year; we could try it on a month-by-month basis. We do have a building in Second Life that is free now; it would be $100 to maintain that annually.
The committee looked at priorities and found that several could be grouped together, thus reordering some of their priorities. The committee will focus on establishing a virtual presence, via WebJunction, Facebook, Wiki, Second Life, etc., before moving on to the other topics.
Marketing and Partnerships Committee
Budget Needs for 2009
Chair Timothy Owens reported that the main budget need is a traveling tabletop display for conferences and exhibits. The committee will work more with Satia for a better quote, but they feel it would cost around $1200.00. Printed banners would also be desired (2) at $60 = $120. Estimated shipping would be $480.00, which would total around $1,800.00 to ship via UPS. In addition, cost for printing ARSL conference brochures is around $380 (Carolyn will cover mailing costs to mail the brochures to all 9000 libraries in the US.)
Final approval of policies approved in concept at September meeting:
 Partnerships/Acquaintances: The committee recommended approval (no 2nd needed). Motion passed.
 Policy/Issues Statements: Item #3 will be replaced with the following: “The president can present the suggestion to the board for discussion, or can refer it to the Marketing and Partnerships Committees to study and recommend a unified response. Subject experts may be called upon as needed.”
 Letters of Support: The NOTE will be changed because we are not 501c3 organization. It will read, “The Association will not endorse any candidate in any election.”
Membership Development Commottee
Budget Needs for 2009
We have no membership chair at this point. If you are interested, please contact Patty.
Report on Clarion Meeting Issues/Next Steps
Don distributed the final report on the National Summit on Rural and Small Libraries at Clarion University (July, 2008), which includes a paper written by Bernard Vavrek as well as action items for several organizations including ARSL. We do not have goals for some of the recommendations but are meeting the goals of several of the others. Don, who attended this summit, says there was a wide range of key participants who came to this important meeting and recommends that we include these people in our organization process when it would be helpful; they all expressed a desire that the work they did during that meeting not get dropped. Don will send a copy of ARSL’s strategic goals. The group will meet at ALA midwinter and at other times.
Patty suggested that rather than accepting these action items, that we vote on the suggestions from this group because there are some big commitments expected of us. Don made a motion that ARSL work cooperatively with the group to develop an agenda. No second was made; many felt they needed more time to read and digest the document. Carla asks that we have someone attend the meeting but no one mentioned that they will be able to attend ALA midwinter when they’ll meet next. Don then moved that we accept this report. He noted that attendance is by invitation only. Motion to accept the report passed. Approval of this document has been moved to our next board meeting in December.
Future Board Meetings
Board meetings will be held on the 3rd Monday of even months at 10:00 a.m. Pacific; 11:00 a.m. Mountain; Noon Central and 1:00 Eastern Time, with the exception of February, 2009.
 Monday, October 20, 2008
 Monday, December 15, 2008
 Monday, February 9, 2009. (Changed from Presidents’ Day Feb. 16, 2009)
 Monday, April 20, 2009
 Monday, June 15, 2009
 Monday, August 17, 2009
 Dinner meeting Thursday evening before the Conference (September 10) and Board meeting after the Conference in Gatlinburg, Sunday, September 13 and Monday September 14, 2009
Andrea will take a new job next month as a branch manager in a small library and will have a new email address: taxicab@comcast.net
Timothy Owens has a new email address: Timothy.owens@ncdcr.gov
The meeting adjourned at 1:40pm CT.



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