Minutes 12-16-08

Minutes of the Association for Rural and Small Libraries
Board of Directors Meeting
Monday, December 16, 2008
10:00 a.m. Pacific; 11:00 a.m. Mountain; Noon Central; 1:00 p.m. Eastern
Submitted by Mary Pasek Williams, Secretary
The meeting was called to order at 12:04 pm CT.
Present: Carla Lehn, Patty Hector, Larry Greico, Satia Orange, Jim Malzewski, Becky Heil, Sonja Plummer Morgan, Steve Seale, Timothy Owens, Andrea Berstler, Ken Davenport, Rose Chenoweth, Mary Pasek Williams. Absent: Don Reynolds, Carolyn Ashcraft, Susan Hill-Pieper, Lynette Sloane.
Consent Agenda
 Approve Minutes of October 20, 2008
 Approve final wording of Strategic Goal #6: “Ensure strong ARSL partnerships with other national library and non-library organizations on rural and small town issues, including those that represent traditionally underserved populations that may be reflected in rural and small libraries.
 Rural Space project (RL-Step) letter of support
Becky moved to approve the Consent Agenda, Timothy seconded. Motion passed.
Treasurer’s Report
Becky reported on these BCR reports: Current Treasurer’s Report, Final 2008 Budget Actuals, and Proposed ARSL Budget for 2009. There are still issues with the way the reports come in. She can’t always distinguish what is listed on the reports and would like for BCR to code what comes in so they can be delineated. Thus, she needs copies of all of the bills that get paid out and she needs all vendor information, which you could receive via email (thus she’ll need these emails from vendors from you). After she gets this information, she’ll be able to list the income more accurately. Becky asked what we recommended we list $100 in the Second Life line for expenses at the request of the Programs and Publications Committee, and also asks for input on what else should be included or excluded. It was noted that the summary budget Becky presented at the annual conference be posted on ARSL’s website on WJ. Becky will send it to the board before we post it for the public. Patty suggests we post a proposed budget for the membership. This will take a bit longer for Becky to put this together because she still needs information from some committees. The negative income is because we don’t have the income numbers reported yet from BCR, and Becky will have to extrapolate these numbers from the reports. Some concern was raised regarding the lack of detail from BCR; Patty will check into what another organization may do to help sort through these figures. Sonja asked if it’s possible to invite BCR to a meeting; Patty suggests that the executive committee work on this. Becky stressed that the only way her reporting will work is if she gets copies of things, so please provide these to Becky. Mary moved that we approve the treasurer’s report and the 2009 proposed budget. Sonja asked if the budget can be amended; the answer is yes. Satia asked that expenses for ALA conference presence; she suggested a budget amount of $1,000 for other conferences we may attend. Becky will create “other conferences” under administrative expenses. $110 will also be added as affiliate status with ALA.
Larry moved to accept the treasurer’s report, Andrea seconded. Motion passed.
Executive Committee Report
Satia reported for Don (who was absent) on the Clarion National Summit Partnerships Document because she was in attendance at the Summit. Concern was raised over the mentor list compilation; Satia said that perhaps a committee could address this; she feels the mentoring issue is important because many times people feel isolated and pointed out that it’s more than a list of names but rather a formally organized network of committed individuals who would be available to those in need. Mary asked what the “Encourage small and rural libraries to reassess their services regularly,” would entail. Carla asked if the intent was to have the meeting originators meet again; Satia reported that this was supposed to happen at midwinter ALA but most couldn’t attend, so they plan to meet by phone within the next month, and they do plan to meet at other times in the future as well. The overall document was designed to be a beacon and support as well as with a goal to support the membership to show that they are valued and that we can give them guidance. Carla asks if Patty and Timothy could also be involved/present at the follow-up meetings. Satia confirmed that the president will always be included and that the VP would be welcome as well. Satia suggests a group of the board take these mentoring issues going; Rose said her committee is responsible for this. Larry moved to approve the Clarion National Summit Partnerships Document; Becky seconded. No more discussion took place. Jim asked for clarification that if we accept this document, we will approve the actions of the committee, and all agreed. Satia wants to add a comma to the document stating that the organization will be represented henceforth by the president and president-elect by all the actions of the summit. Motion passed.
Satia noted again that ALA is willing to look over ANY conference contract for ARSL, including our conference hotel contract.
Conference Committee Report
Patty reports that she is trying to contact ABOS regarding a joint ARSL/ABOS in Denver in 2010 but there have been no responses yet.
Larry reported on the reaction of the Colorado partners to the joint conference idea and said that he has approached Gene Hainer (CO state librarian) and he will confer with Brenda at BCR and also didn’t think there’d be a problem. Larry’s concern is whether can we project the attendance using the numbers from Sacramento (around 260) and from ABOS, which was 277. Satia suggests it’d be around 400 or 500. Satia reports that the only special needs associated with ABOS is that we will need a way to go outside to view bookmobiles (10-12 vehicles at the most). Larry will get back to us and will keep other members of his committee updated as well as Satia. He is looking forward to hearing from Theresa Gemmer, president of ABOS. Satia asks that if you communicate with ABOS that you copy Satia and she will be sure that the communication begins.
There are no reports on the 2009 committee; they have not met so no other members can report on it. Programs and Publications Committee Report
Mary asked that we change the wording from “webpage” to “page”. Jim noted that anyone can post on WJ and don’t need permission; he also suggested that anything that might be of value to our membership we post those and not others. Carla reported that in our training session, we agreed to post minutes that have been approved or other things that have been determined to be the final document onto the ARSL website at WJ. Jim suggests that we make these decisions at the end of board meetings; he can then post these documents immediately thereafter. Rose moves that we approve the proposed policy, “The person who creates an original document will post it via a page on GoogleGroups for editing,” and the following: If the document goes to the board for approval, and if it is approved, it will be posted on WebJunction. Andrea seconded. Motion passed.
Rose listed the sub-committees members: Websites: Rose, Jim, Laura Einstadter; Second Life: Sonja, Karl Nostram, and Steve Eyler; Facebook: Sonja; Blog: Jim, Sarah, and Andrea
Rose updated us on the websites subcommittee work. This committee met and wants the website to be fluid and refreshed. Three things they want to do to get members involved: meet our members (Jim in charge), great grant projects (Rose in charge), hot topics and discussions posted first on listserv and then driven to the web. They looked at a collection development policy for the website but are holding it off for now. Rose has been working with BCR and will get monthly statistics to see how much use we’re getting of our two websites. Jim will train them how to put things on the website. Jim reported that the blog committee met; they are looking for an early January launch. Many things will be posted on this site and there will be a feed on our homepage so this will refresh.
Marketing and Partnerships Committee
Timothy reported that the traveling display is on hold until the new ARSL logo is ready; Carolyn is communicating with state libraries; Ken and Brenda are working with other potential affiliates and partners; Andrea is creating a teaser for the conference for next time and posted it on GoogleGroups and asks for comments within the next couple of weeks. When the executive committee signs off on it, it will be widely distributed, with documentation as to where it’s been sent. Satia noted that she can help with ALA distribution too. Andrea suggested we add a page on GoogleGroups with a list of who we send press releases to. Rose also suggested putting a folder on Web Junction with all the ARSL press releases for the year.
Membership Development Committee
Sonja reported that the membership committee’s task is to develop a strategic membership plan and she has met with Carla and Rose to begin that work. They will be looking at the research done a few years ago and they will be re-writing the “welcome” to new members letter. They are waiting for the new logo and would like to add some of the Web 2.0 tools provided by ARSL as member benefits. Becky said she had lots of info to give to Sonja regarding the BCR part of the membership.
Addition to agenda:
Items to post to WJ: approved minutes (10/08), 9/08 treasurer’s report and the new policy on posting to GoogleGroups to the Web Junction page. Nest Board Meeting
Our next meeting will be on Monday, February 9, 2009, at 10am PT, 11am MT, noon CT and 1pm ET.
Meeting was adjourned at 1:40pm CT.



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