Welcome Readers & Ideas

It is exponentially good news that ARSL bloggers can communicate better than ever with members and constituents on the new ARSL website!  It is my pleasure and honor to participate.  Please be patient as our developers and project managers train us to use the site to maximize its usefulness.

As a reader, you can expect to find news that is relevant to librarians in small and rural communities, resources to assist your daily endeavors for best library practices, and other content that we believe you as members find interesting and useful.   Moreover, your ideas are valued and this blog is the ideal venue for an exchange of ideas, to make us feel connected regardless of our geography, and to build a rural community that exemplifies the best networking and finest of librarianship.  Future posts will contain interesting photos, links, and information.

For now, it’s off to the 2009 Conference in Gatlinburg, TN where we’ll learn together, exchange ideas, and at last get to meet in person.

Yours very truly,


VP/Pres Elect

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