We Win

Like many of you, I am enjoying the fall spectacle that is playoff baseball.  As a Phillies fan, I truly enjoyed the game the other evening as the teams battled through all 9 innings. Neither one gave up, neither one rolled over or surrendered, they continued until the last out was made. It was exciting. It nearly gave me a nervous breakdown, but it was exciting.  (my sympathies to any Rockie fans out there)

Many of us in “library land” are in the midst of a struggle, a playoff of our own, so to speak.  We battle against those who cut our funding, who seek to marginalize us, who do not understand or desire intellectual freedom or who think that perhaps we should just go the way of the dinosaur. But I encourage you to consider that even if you feel as if you are in the bottom of the ninth with 2 out,  you are still in the game. Good teams do not resign themselves to losing games, they continue to play because you just never know what could happen.

Also, good teams work together.  They encourage each other, they cover the errors of other players, they give 100%.  Many of you are doing this – and we applaud you! But there is one more thing – good teams are a team. No one player gets a team to the playoffs or wins a World Series. It is a team – not just the men on the field, not only those in the dugout. That’s why teams give their staff WS rings – we don’t see them, we don’t applaud them, but they contribute.  You are not in this difficult time alone.  There are other’s battling alongside you.

So I say all this to get to this point. Although you may feel like it is the 9th inning and you are about to lose – the game “ain’t over ’til it’s over.” We will continue to play and here’s the catch, as long as we do, we win.


One Response to “We Win”

  1. Sonja says:

    LOL Andrea! You is just coolness. Very very cool. We gonna have a Phillies player speak at the ARSL Conference in Denver?