Minutes Monday, February 8, 2010

Association for Rural and Small Libraries
Board of Directors Meeting
Monday, February 8, 2010
10:00 a.m. Pacific; 11:00 a.m. Mountain; Noon Central; 1:00 p.m. Eastern
Present: Timothy Owens, Becky Heil, Rose Chenoweth, Patty Hector, Andrea Berstler, Jim Connor, Dwight McInvaill, Steve Seal, Larry Greico
1:07 pm
Welcome and Call to Order Timothy Owens, President
Checked to see if anyone needed additional help/instructions/etc.
Consent Agenda
 Approve Minutes of December 7, 2009*/** Andrea Berstler, Secretary
 February 2010 Treasurer’s Report (labeled Dec – end of year) Becky Heil, Treasurer
 Approval of committee changes – merger of former “Programs” and “Content Facilitation” Committees to new “Information Services Committee” chaired by Rose Chenoweth
Does anything need to be moved out of the consent agenda? Nothing recommended
Moved to accept: Rose Chenoweth
Passed unanimously
Executive Committee Report Timothy Owens, President
Policy on Conference Expenditures – posted on Google Docs
Becky – motion to approve
Discussion –
Carla’s suggestion – add a time frame to present budget at least 6 months ahead of conference
Correction – change or to nor
Becky – accept amendments
“The conference committee will create and present to the board a budget for the conference no less than 6 months prior to the conference date. Neither the Conference Committee nor the Conference Chair will purchase items outside the budget as approved by the board without prior approval from the Executive Committee.”
Passed unanimously
By-Laws Amendment re: How to Dispose of Assets if ARSL disbanded
Suggested change
“Section 3. Dissolution.
Upon any dissolution, voluntary or involuntary, revocation of its charter, insolvency or bankruptcy of the Association, the Board of Directors will, after paying or making provisions for the payment of all of the liabilities of the Association, dispose of all of the remaining assets of the Association by donation to the American Library Association with the requirement that those assets be used to support information and services that benefit rural and small libraries.”
Moved to recommend change to the members for a vote: Rose Chenoweth
Passed unanimously
Motion to attach voting on bylaw change to voting for new board members: Larry Greico
Passed unanimously
Strategic Goal re: 501 (c) (3) status and paid staff
Becky and Timothy still working on this, exploring possible options
President’s Report Timothy Owens, President
Next quarterly Committee Chairs meeting – Wed, March 10 at 2:30 pm
Bylaws issue – receiver organization if ARSL should ever disband – resolved
Future Board Meeting technology – Sonja has information on possible use of Opal. GoMeeting seems to be working for the most part. We would need a price for an ARSL Go to Meeting account
Finance Committee Becky Heil, Treasurer
Proposed Budget for 2010 – Becky reviewed the proposed budget based on her experience, history and as much information as she can gather.
Vote to approve budget as presented – Passed unanimously
Endowment Concept Update – Becky has a meeting scheduled with consultant
Membership Development Committee Patty Hector, Chair
Current Membership status – shared report from BCR, received Friday before board meeting. Patty manually counted membership and came up with 378 – so she would estimate we have 350-400 members. Discussion on different types of librarians who are members, especially librarians in a small academic setting
Plan to Increase Membership – committee has a plan to increase membership using list from Marketing Triage Committee which Jim and his committee is working on building.
Ken Davenport Scholarship- applications posted for three scholarships.
Jim Connor – motion to add Ken Davenport Scholarship to the conference scholarship list.
Passed unanimously
Proposed Listserv Policy- Patty would like to table until the next meeting so she can work with the Info Services Committee to refine some points.
Information Services Committee Rose Chenoweth, Chair
ALA Program Progress – Program is schedule to be Jim Connor talking about libraries as a business anchor on Main St. They have requested a Saturday morning program to avoid possible conflicts
ARSL can co-sponsor program – “Numbers that Speak Volume”, using numbers to promote & advocate for rural libraries Board seemed in general agreement that this would be good.
Looking to survey participants on potential topics for online sessions (add to committee chair mtg agenda to see if committees can combine surveys)
Rose has 3 members on committee, working with Webjunction and BCR to spread information of the availability of these programs
Asked for input on Website Use Policy – using Webjunction policies as a starting point to build a family of policies – listserve, blog and website (suggestion to include Online Presence Committee in discussion)
2010 Conference Planning Committee Andrea Berstler, Chair
Proposal for conference presenters’ compensation/reimbursement policy
Andrea read a potential policy – there were questions and items that need addressing – tabled until next meeting – would like a documented policy.
“Conference Workshop Presenters may be reimbursed for costs associated with travel, lodging and meals only within the limits set by the board approved conference budget. Reimbursements will be made on an as needed bases and offered equally to all presenters. Keynote speakers will be provided with a fee or honorarium, as arranged in the negotiations and provided for by the approved conference budget.”
 MOU for Joint Conference – waiting for ABOS to sign, committee does not want to encumber addition costs until MOU is signed. Gave a short explanation of how income and expenses are to be split
 Draft Conference Budget – still a work in progress, need to finalize and have agreement with ABOS for Conference costs, budget cannot be approved until these costs are finalized
 Approval possibilities – electronic voting, called board meeting or referral to exec committee. Will be posted on Google Docs and referred to electronic voting by board or voted on in April’s board meeting
2011 Conference Steve Seale
Location Update – hotel selection recommendation – Embassy Suites in Frisco
 $109 per night / full free breakfast every morning
 Have extended invitation for Sonja to visit
 Proposed dates: Sept 6-10
Conference Chair Discussion – ByLaws currently say: “Vice-President/President-Elect serves as a member of the Conference Planning Committee” – not necessarily as Chairperson
Discussion – proposal to have conference chair person continue on committee as resource for new chair. Conference chair is appointed by that year’s president; Sonja can choose the conference chair for 2011 as she will be president
Partnerships Committee Dwight McInvaill, Chair
Dwight congratulated Larry for winning the Ebsco Excellence in Small and/or Rural Library Service Award
Proposed budget needed for memberships in other organizations (from last board meeting . . .)
Recommends/suggests no more than $1000 (ALA, PLA ICMA – $500 together)
Partnership Agreement Form Progress – sample template for Memorandum of Understanding, received from local county solicitor. Dwight will be putting these recommendations into practice. Is developing potential partnership list, beginning to contact possible organizations
Working on potential partnership with Gates Foundation, and WebJunction
Marketing Triage Committee Jim Connor, Chair
Update – sent email to all members
Working on developing contact list for state, regional and organizational groups
Jim asked for members to pass along contacts
Next COSLA meeting in March – pass information to Carolyn for that meeting
Online Presence Committee Sonja Plummer-Morgan, Chair
Sonja sent a report via email –
Update – daily online work with Facebook and Twitter, multiple updates to website
Display on Iowa Library virtual conference
Has presented several online classes
Next Board Meeting – Monday April 19, 2010
Respectfully submitted – Andrea Berstler, Secretary

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