Minutes Monday, April 19, 2010

Association for Rural and Small Libraries
Board of Directors Meeting
Monday, April 19, 2010
10:00 a.m. Pacific; 11:00 a.m. Mountain; Noon Central; 1:00 p.m. Eastern
In attendance : Timothy Owens, Carla Lehn, Dwight McInvall, Patty Hector, Sonja Plumer-Morgan, Andrea Berstler, Becky Heil, Steve Seal
Welcome and Call to Order Timothy Owens, President
There were some technology issues – asked Sonja to moderate until they were repaired.
Consent Agenda – Patty moved to accept consent agenda, Dwight Seconded. Passed unanimously
Minutes of February 8, 2010 Andrea Berstler, Secretary
Treasurer’s Report Becky Heil, Treasurer
Executive Committee Report Sonja
 Board events at 2010 conference – Please plan accordingly:
o Wednesday night mixer (October 13) – 6:30 – 8 pm We are planning an 30 minutes meeting immediately following this for Board to touch base (8 – 8:30 pm)
o Annual Membership Meeting — Friday, Oct 15, 9 am (Both ARSL & ABOS)
o Board meeting – Saturday, October 16 – 2:00 – 7:00 pm (dinner in the hotel)
o Board Breakfast – Sunday, October 17 and time to finish board business. May need to dedicate some time for Lyrasis/BCR discussion as well as do we continue with this relationship. May have to add Sunday meeting back in. Andrea will reserve the board room for Sunday morning in expectation that we may not get through all necessary items on Saturday.
o Lunch will be on your own
 Elluminate as our meeting technology – costs here – decision at end of meeting Only issue currently is there is not phone access.
President’s Report Timothy
ARSL/ABOS Conference MOU and Budget Approved – signed and done
BCR/Lyrasis developments – would like board members to be informed enough to make a decision at the Oct board meeting in Denver. What other organizations available – we should create a task force to exam possible groups to consider alternative organizations. Timothy recruited Steve, Patty, Becky and himself to do the initial canvassing and information gathering.
The Executive Committee did meet with Lisa from BCR and Ann from Lyrasis They will manage conference, we need to wrap up all conference items by Nov 15. For general management (membership, fiscal agent, ect) we have paid through end of December but no one is sure of the exact timetable for transition. Sonja noted that our members will not see any change in the web interface for now. ARSL’s desire is that this is as seamless as possible.
Finance Committee Becky Heil, Treasurer
2010 Budget – Approved last meeting
Membership Development Committee Patty Hector, Chair
Current Membership status – going well. Working with Marketing to increase new memberships
Proposed Listserv Policy – recommended by committee. Posted on Google Docs. Sonja moved to approve the new Listserv policy. Passed unanimously.
Information Services Committee (not in attendance) Rose Chenoweth, Chair
Rose sent a report – She believes that the Proposed Website Acceptable Use Policy was recreating the Listserv policy. Committee did look over Webjunction’s policy as a sample policy. The Committee will look over how this policy needs to work with the Listerv policy. Need to re-evaluate how information may be used by members without direct interaction.
2010 Conference Planning Committee Andrea Berstler, Chair
Update – planning going well, speakers are being confirmed and contracts signed. Workshops will be posted by May 1. Discussed Policy on speaker’s reimbursements – Andrea asked that this be discussed at Denver Board meeting; the aid for speakers for this conference has been arranged. Denver Partner documents will be brought to next board meeting Vendor committee has been working hard – have a business signed up for the largest conference sponsorship.
2011 Conference Steve Seale
Update – hotel contract being reviewed by executive committee. Issue of fiscal agent and having to sign contract without a fiscal agent. Goal to firm up partnerships in Texas.
Partnerships Committee Dwight McInvaill, Chair
Update – Touching base with Jill Neiche of the Gates Foundiation. Dwight met with OCLC representative (Jay Jordon) and they would like to discuss partnership with ARSL. Projects like OCLC Toolkit being made rural friendly, online tools being designed for rural libraries, etc.
Marketing Triage Committee (not in attendance) Jim Connor, Chair
Update – no update shared at this time
Online Presence Committee Sonja Plummer-Morgan, Chair
Update – 553 twitter followers / 556 facebook friends / live chat being used, especially by MLS students. Conference info caught up on website. ALA Connect site used to promote conference, LinkedIn used to promote vendor calls,
Live Chat takes the most time – Need help responding to social media requests. Asked for help from some board members for who could field some of those questions. Sonja could also ask for members to help. Perhaps also add a student section and a FAQ section to the website.
Nominating Committee (not in attendance) Carolyn Ashcraft, Chair
Carla shared the committee’s meeting.
By May 1 – talk to members with expiring terms (completed) none will be returning Will be meeting again before the next board meeting. Carla asked board members to encourage those who they know will make board members to fill out nomination forms. Online election in July for 2 weeks
By June 1 – Slate ready for Board approval on June 21
By July 1 – Start online election
ByLaws revisions – need to vote on the “dissolution statement” and correct some typos.
Decision about Elluminate Timothy
Andrea motion that we purchase an ARSL Elluminate service to replace the current conference call system. Dwight seconded the motion.
Motion passed unanimously
PUBLIC COMMENT – no comments
Next Board Meeting – Monday June 21, 2010
Respectfully submitted – Andrea Berstler, Secretary
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