Minutes Monday, June 21, 2010

Association for Rural and Small Libraries
Board of Directors Meeting
Monday, June 21, 2010
In attendance – Timothy Owens, Sonja Plummer-Morgan, Becky Heil, Andrea Berstler, Carla Lehn, Steve Seal, Jim Connor, Carolyn Ashcraft, Patty Hector
I. Welcome and Call to Order Timothy Owens, President
Order of events adjusted to allow action items to be voted on while a quorum existed.
II. Consent Agenda
Approve Minutes of April 19, 2010 (one correction – spelling) Andrea Berstler, Secretary
Treasurer’s Report (no written report for this month) Becky Heil, Treasurer
BCR Made corrections in accounts (ARSL & Joint conference accounts)
Passed unanimously
III. Executive Committee Report Timothy Owens
BCR/Lyrasis Update – discussions still being maintained, BCR/Lyrasis would like to continue this relationship.
ARSL Fiscal Agent Proposed RFP – Timothy brought up a draft copy. There were a few questions from the board. Date for submissions to be received was discussed. – August 15, 2010 was selected. Will go to back the task force for evaluation. (Steve, Becky Patty and Timothy)
Moved – Carolyn Ashcraft, vote – passed unanimously
VIII. Nominating Committee Carolyn Ashcraft, Chair
Slate for 2010/11 – recommendations from committee – an approval of suggested bylaws would result in appointment of the three additional names.
Passed unanimously
Proposed By-Laws changes – Several changes were proposed by committee. Carla Lehn
Asked for comments and feedback – Approved by board. Will go to membership for a vote. Posted on website, link on ballot for officers so they can view.
(Online Election – late June to mid-July)
Emerging Leaders Program – ALA – Timothy Owens
ALA is now Accepting Applications, Sponsorship requires $1000 financial commitment to support attendance at two conferences (midwinter and ALA annual conference). We can allow ALA to select or we can select our own using their application, or we can have our own process completely. Motion – to sponsor an emerging leader for this coming year, selection our own candidate using ALA’s application (2010/2011) – Carolyn.
Discussion centered on using funds to sponsor attendees for ARSL conference, does this align with our strategic plan, the fact that someone could undertake a project for ARSL instead of us sponsoring a person. . .
Seconded – Sonja
Vote – Passed unanimously

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