Minutes Monday, August 16, 2010

Association for Rural and Small Libraries
Board of Directors Meeting
Monday, August 16, 2010
10:00 a.m. Pacific; 11:00 a.m. Mountain; Noon Central; 1:00 p.m. Eastern
In attendance
Timothy Owens, Becky Heil, Carla Lehn, Patty Hector, Rose Chenoweth, Dwight McInvaill, Steve
Seals, Sonja Plummer-Morgan, Jim Connor
I. Welcome and Call to Order Timothy Owens, President
Illuminate/Blackboard has renewed contract with NC for year. Timothy is glad to have ARSL use it
for the immediate future.
II. Consent Agenda
● Minutes of June 21, 2010 Andrea Berstler, Secretary
● Treasurer’s Report Becky Heil, Treasurer
Consent agenda passed
III. Executive Committee Report Timothy
● Update on ARSL Fiscal Agent RFP was sent out. 8/16 was final date to receive
proposals – Timothy, Steve, Patty and Becky will serve as a task force to make a
recommendation to the board for our new fiscal agent. Discussion for a conference
call to consider the task force’s recommendation before the conference in October.
Timothy will try to arrange something the first week of Sept. Sonja was added to
the task force.
● Appointment of new board members was voted on by Executive Committee – we
have appointed 3 new board positions gained in approval of recent bylaws changes.
Karen Kuhn (1 year term), Allison Miller (3 year term), & Nancy Rosenwald (2
year term) .
IV. President’s Report Timothy
● Would like to thank board for support and work. Committee chairs should prepare
brief remarks at the Annual Membership Meeting at the Conference. Recognize
members of the committees present at the meeting. Also a good time to recruit new
committee members.
V. Membership Development Committee Patty Hector, Chair
● Most recent Current Membership status from Lisa at BCR was 327 members
● Conference Scholarships report – difficult to choose, a large group.
● Vavrek Scholarship – Cindy Stewart Grant student Missouri University director
Mounda City Public Library, MO
● Ken Davenport – Beth Porter director Heyworth Public Library in IL
● Founders Joan Pellikka North Country Library System Watertown NY she’s a
consultant with that regional system
● Many state libraries are looking to offer scholarships in addition to these.
VI. 2010 Conference Planning Committee Andrea Berstler, Chair
● Registration Update / Vendor update
● Board member room discount – will show up when you check in, not when you
● Board member assistance at conference – intro workshops, help direct attendees,
answer questions, be hosts and hostess, etc
● Committee Meeting time at Conference – will be optional during the same time
slot as the presentations by conference sponsors – Friday, 3:45 – 5 pm. There are 3
presentations – so it should not take more than 1 hour.
● Board member mixer following the welcome mixer – tentatively planned for the
president’s suite (approx 8:30 pm)
● Conference Board meeting is scheduled to begin around 2 pm – we have lunch and
the conf chairs need to review the hotel bill with BCR and the Crowne Plaza. (How
many should I have them set up for?)
● Reminder about board reimbursements — receipts need to be turned in at the
conference if at all possible. Deadline for reimbursements is Oct 30, 2010.
(Reimbursement form in Google Docs or get from Carla)
● Andrea thanked those working on the conference committees for all their great
VII. Nominating Committee Carolyn Ashcraft, Chair
(A written report)
● Election happened and new members are preparing for conference.
● By-Laws changes have been approved, should be posted on website
● New board members will be announced at the listserv
VIII. Information Services Committee Rose Chenoweth, Chair
● Report on September Trustee Workshop – Jennifer (new board member) has
arranged this program for Sept 14, 2010 on Webjunction.
IX. Partnerships Committee Dwight McInvaill, Chair
● Will not be in Denver – Gates Foundation asked him to speak at the ICMA
Conference. Is working on building partnerships with Gates, ICMA and OCLC.
And also in possibly developing standards (with input from ARSL – us helping
them develop standards that are practical, doable and relevant.)
Becky, Andrea, Carla, Sonja and Timothy will collect information on this as a study group.
X. Marketing Triage Committee Jim Connor, Chair
● Update – making progress with state library contacts – encourage them to make info
available on conference even if it is a scheduling conflict with local meetings.
XII. Online Presence Committee Sonja Plummer-Morgan, Chair
● Info on the conference and ARSL as an organization has been continually promoted
via online social networking. Reminder that everyone can put things on the online
calendar as needed.
Next Board Meeting – Scheduled for Saturday afternoon/evening and Sunday morning, October 16
& 17, immediately following the conference in Denver – with a possible conference call before
hand to discuss/vote on recommendations by the task force working on the selection of our new
fiscal agent.

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