Minutes October 17, 2010

Association for Rural and Small Libraries, Board Meeting and Annual Planning Retreat
Saturday & Sunday, October 16 & 17, 2010 – Denver, Colorado
ARSL Mission: The mission of the Association for Rural and Small Libraries is to provide a
network of people and materials to support rural and small library staff,
volunteers and trustees to integrate the library thoroughly with the life and work
of the community it serves.
Meeting Goals:
● Get to know each other and develop norms for our work together
● Review ARSL’s Strategic Plan, revise as needed and develop action plans toward it for 2011
● Transact some ARSL business
● Leave energized and enthused with clear direction and plans for the year ahead!
Saturday, October 16
2:00 Welcome Sonja Plummer-Morgan, President
Sonja had the board engage in an ice breaker.
2:30 Retiring Board President’s Comments Timothy Owens, Immediate Past President
Timothy thanked the outgoing board members and committee chairs for their service. He commented that
the group has risen to the occasion for all the new challenges and the growth of the organization.
He also challenged the group to continue to involve members to a greater degree with the work
of the organization. He also remarked on the major steps taken by ARSL since leaving Clarion in
2007. Timothy moved to move the group into a closed session.
((Discussion related to the lack of appearance of appointed board member Karen Kuhn and how the
board would like to handle this situation. Steve Seale moved that Karen not be installed to the
board, Andrea Berstler seconded it. Discussion followed regarding possible follow-up steps. ))
Motion to leave executive session made by Larry Greico, Louise Green seconded.
Steve Seale moved to not install the appointed ARSL board member Karen Kuhn. Andrea Berstler
Seconded the motion. No further discussion. Vote was called and the motion passed. Becky
brought up the board reimbursement issue. The point was made that since she is not installed she
is not eligible for reimbursement.
2:45 Incoming President’s Comments Sonja
Sonja commented that she would like to adhere to the mission of ARSL. She would like to provide
direction after hearing, reflect and consider before making a decision. She would like members to email
her with info on the committees that they are interested in and what why.
3:00 History of ARSL’s Development Becky Heil, Vice President/ President Elect
History overview – 1983 Bernie started the Center for the Study of Rural Librarianship. Began with
Bernie’s students and grew from there. In early 1990’s conferences began with John Philip and the
bookmobiles. They used grant monies and had the conferences in different areas with lots of discussions
about many aspects of life in rural areas. 2006 the bookmobile and library organization met in Columbus
for a conference. Mary Pasick Williams, Don Reynolds and Ken Davenport, and Colleen Carvey were
the first board members. Colleen left and the other three were the first board. 2006 they saw a need to
move away. 2006 the Bookmobile group left. Jan 2007 began the board’s first strategic plan and first set
of officers. The monies from Clarion were divided between ABOS and ARSL. In 2007 the board hired
BCR as the fiscal agent. 2008 conference in Sacramento was successful due to the contributions of Susan
Hildreth. Additional strategic planning occurred during that board meeting.
Clarification was given on the status of ARSL and its ALA affiliate status.
Sonja shared her pleasure at having Becky as her vice-president and her desire to keep Becky in the loop.
3:15 Review of 2010 Committee Accomplishments/Frustrations Committee Chairs
Carla pointed out the committee charges and will keep track of the changes and additions to the strategic
Membership Development Committee – Carla covered the membership charge for Patty, who was the
committee chair.
-Frustration was expressed with BCR lists of member list. Timothy shared that with AMR we and
members will have web access to membership information. The hope is that AMR will be able to deal
with the data regarding membership information.
-Also wanted to determine the future of the relationship with the Rural Librarian Newsletter. Also the
accuracy of the database with regard to who receives the newsletter. Discussion was held on the cost
of the newsletter, the value of the information, the different rates of the memberships and if we should
consider changing the way that ARSL members receive the newsletter. Will be added to the committee’s
-Possibility of moving scholarship subcommittee to the conference committee’s charge.
Conference Planning Committee –
Good partners are key
Addition – A five year plan for locations.
Role of vice president for conference committee
Clarification of conference partner agreement and the use of the forms upfront – possibility of using forms
to commit to partnership agreement before we announce locations.
Possible additions to agreement include involvement in local publicity.
Suggestion was given for revision for partnership agreement committee.
Suggestion for need for application process to be created.
Consideration for use of AMR’s conference planning services
Partnerships Committee –
Interest in partnering with Gates Foundation however need to be 502(c)3
Online for ARLS to give input on standards project
National Science Foundation projects – Pushing the Limits was funded
Cultivate additional partners along with work on Gates foundation
Possible addition of partnership agreement – providing opportunity to our members
UT wants to be the next Clarion
Information Services Committee –
Program held at ALA 2010 / A 2011 program is in question
Collection development policy worked on
Survey of topics of interest led to webinar on trustees
Consider 2010 evaluations for possible key presenter to be asked for repeats via webinar
PLA in 2012 – due 11/30/2010
Discussion on ALA programming future
What was the cost versus the impact of being at ALA – is it worth the work.
Possibility of arranging a meeting space at ALA midwinter
Online Presence Committee –
Tied up with other committee work, waiting for policy approval, etc. which did bog down the process.
About 2000 people follow one of our online status updates
We have live chat feature which is used about 5 times a week.
Consider possible overlap with information services and marketing committees – need to possibly
develop a better working relationship with 3 committees.
Social networking popular with constituents.
Marketing Triage Committee –
Used ARSL list to contact people
Conference brochure artwork
Use of listserv to promote meaningful discussion topics
Content generation and follow up on posts needs to be considered
Gain permission for display at local/state library association
Possible use of table top display and banners at conferences
Nominating Committee –
Disappointed with low voter turnout – however when compared to other groups, it is a good amount
Possibility add VP to committee
Possibly adding a request for a professional reference
Add a point for them to talk about their rural/small history
Finance Committee –
Budget info was submitted by chair
Worked with BCR
Assessed endowment – needs someone with more experience
5 year budget
Executive Committee –
Transition to AMR
Opportunity to incorporate per strategic plan
Have requests out for prices for 501C3 paperwork
Recommendation for directors and officers coverage
7:00 ADJOURN FOR THE DAY Optional — No Host dinner together
Sunday, October 17, 2010
8:30 a.m. Breakfast in Meeting Room
8:45 Learn about our new AMR Relationship John Ruffin, President, AMR
Timothy introduced John Ruffin – President of AMR to speak on the new relationship of AMR and
ARSL. John spoke on their style of management, the ARSL workplan and what services
ARSL has contracted to utilizes from AMR. John also spoke to the members on his history
in business and government.
Motion from the Executive committee to approve to the contract with and to designate AMR as our
association management. A copy of this resolution in entered into these minutes.
Motioned approved unanimously.
AMR Resolution on forming a Non-profit Corporation */**
As the articles of incorporation are competed and AMR is able to accept those funds that the treasurer is
authorized to move those funds. Motion made by Jim Connor – Timothy Owens seconded.
Motion carries.
9:00 Review last night’s work – Do we have everything? Committee direction and plans for
2011 identified?
After reviewing the work from yesterday Carla suggested reviewing the committee charges for the
Marketing Triage, Online Presence and Information Services specially where the three
overlap and have to work together. Discussion focused on the application of the committee
charges and how they actually worked together compared with how they were planned to
function. Carla will refine the information and resubmit the notes to the board.
9:30 Board Meeting
Elect Secretary (Alison Miller has agreed) and Treasurer (Andrea Berstler has agreed)
Motion to accept Alison Miller as the Secretary, Louise Green so moved and second by Jennifer Peterson.
Motion to accept Andrea Berstler as the Treasurer, Jennifer Peterson so moved and second by Timothy
Approve Minutes of August 16 – tabled until next board meeting. Note – AMR will have a
transition checklist that will include an archive component for board minutes.
Budget & Treasurer’s Report – Becky submitted the August/September 2010 treasurers
report. She also reviewed a previous edition of the budget for 2011. A copy of this report is on Google
Docs. A proposed budget will be presented at the next board meeting (November), board members will
submit their proposed expenses before the November meeting so that a proposed budget can be structured.
Policy on Conference Presenters’ Compensation and Reimbursement*/** (Deferred to November 11
Review Board Member and Committee Chair Position Descriptions – are in the board binder (generic
board expectation descriptions)
The board changed to considering the charge of and work of the Partnerships committee. Sonja asked
Timothy and Larry to make their reports on IMLS Rural Grant Partnership with Lyrasis – Timothy Owens
and an Update on the National Science Foundation project – Larry Grieco.
IMLS Rural Grant Partnership with Lyrasis – To provide field experience and placement for new
librarians interested in rural and small libraries. The lack of 501C3 status caused a delay in the project.
This allowed Timothy to bring this project to the board for discussion and procedures. Timothy fielded
questions from the board.
Sonja took this opportunity to bring up the partnership committee work to be sure we are focused on what
needs to be done. Discussion focused on the work of this committee and how it needs to function within
the scope of all the committees. Carla added notes to the charge and will publish them for board input.
Update on the National Science Foundation project – to promote science and math information to the
public via rural libraries. Larry reported on the “Pushing the Limits” project. He provided an updated
status of the project to the board. Larry would like ARSL to be a conduit to rural librarians for this
project. Two components are librarian training for creating programs and then the programs themselves.
Determine Board and Committee meeting schedule for the year – 2010 schedule was every other month –
Committees met in between board meetings – did that work?
Coming conference notes – Steve Seale. Structure will be Fri – Sunday.
11:45 Carla reviewed the “Working with each” other documents.
Board meetings every other month and committee chairs meet quarterly. Off month – committees and
executive committees meet.
2 weeks ahead – agenda draft sent
1 week ahead – agenda finalized
1 week before – any documents for the board posted on the Google Docs site
2-3 days before instructions sent on web conferencing
Board meetings will be the 3rd Monday of each month.
Nov 15, Jan 17(MLK) 24, March 21, May 16, July 18
1 pm EST, 12 CNT, 11 MNT, 10 PCF
Sonja transitioned to committee chair assignments. She will be working on the chairs over the next two
weeks. Those chairs will need to reach out to membership so they can be involved.
Sonja would like a thank you for the conference goers via email. Post conference blog, intro to new board
members. Further discussion focused on the coming conference, hotel negotiations and contract issues.
Jim brought new business – regarding an investigation on trademark and our logo.
Allison left at 10:35 am
Steve Seal left the meeting at 11 am
Jim made a motion to adjourn.

Update Strategic Plan Carla
A. Review Current Strategic Goals
B. Review Organization Chart
● To see where the strategic goals fit
● Clarify Committee Charges
C. Prioritize Tasks for 2011
Using 2010 Committee Workplans & discussion from today, identify 3 – 5 priorities for
each committee for 2011
● Membership Development Committee
● Conference Planning Committee
● Partnerships Committee
● Information Services Committee
● Online Presence Committee
● Marketing Triage Committee
● Nominating Committee
● Finance Committee
● Executive Committee
9:15 Review 9/08 Guidelines for our Work Together as a Board
● Because we physically see each other only once a year
● Expectations clear?
● Can we live with this?
● Need revision?

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