Minutes November 15, 2010

Association for Rural and Small Libraries, Board of Directors Meeting
5 min. I. Welcome and Call to Order Becky
· Welcome New Members
· Elluminate Instructions
5 min. II. Consent Agenda
– Approve Minutes of August 16, 2010 Alison Miller, Secretary
– Approve Minutes of October 16/17, 2010 Alison Miller, Secretary
Motion to accept the consent agenda made by Larry, Becky seconded, all in favor.
– Treasurer’s Report Andrea Berstler,
Report is in progress, but not submitted based on the transition from BCR to AMR. Waiting for
info from BCR – Brenda is working on this.
● End of September, approximately 52, 000 in account
● Spent money for board members, paid for scholarships and hotel rooms
● ARLS account approximately $44,000
15 min. III. President’s Report Sonja
· Committee Chair Announcements
Working on conference and committee chairs; State Library of Texas would like to partner
for next conference; also working on Member services and member development; Larry
(membership chair) will be working on member development; Alison and Jennifer Peterson
working on Member services committee. Committees are in place; partnerships has been
redesigned with two sections.
· Committee members
· Progress on Articles of Incorporation
Working with AMR; Articles of Incorporation – package with paperwork signed by Becky and
Alison and sent on.
· Use of Google Groups for Board Communication & Google Docs to store things
Reviewed the differences between Google Group, Google Docs and new AMR listserv,
which has AMR staff moderating; Google groups more interactive, listserv more one way – we
will keep both.
Question from Louis on Partnerships: Timothy will be chairing partnership committee; will be
divided into two areas: one is strategic the other is basic partnerships (may not be money based):
Dwight will continue to work on Gates and ICMA; other organizations are also interested and we
want to be sure that these are explored; Professor from USC about housing the center for rural
studies – Sonja will follow up on that; there are several universities interested in this as well.
Meetings every other month and keeping contact with potential partners, answering questions
with potential partners.
Working on conference contract – talking to AMR, ALA
Has seen an increased interest in other organizations interested in what we are doing; looking
forward to increasing our visibility; perhaps a press release; marketing will be important – press
releases, etc; press release writing skills?
Looking at putting out a publication/magazine in the next few months.
Note from Sonja: Becky, Andrea and Sonja working on Conflict of Interest policy (in re: to
20 min. IV. Review/Approve 2011 Committee Workplans & Org Chart Sonja
Review Committee workplans and organizational charts – in Google docs, but document not
shared;; we will need more time to look at these and will review and approve at next meeting.
10 min. V. Proposed Budget for 2010/11 Andrea
Note from Andrea that Timothy is handling the transition to AMR – we do have a bank account
with them, but we don’t expect a budget before the January meeting; we don’t know what we
have yet (money from conference, what is still with BCR – account not closed yet)
5 min. VI. AMR Transition Report Timothy
Owens, Immediate
Past President
· Directors and Officers Liability Insurance
· BCR Transition Progress
Carla read Timothy’s report:
Transition: BCR has stopped processing memberships as of Friday, Nov 12th. They will send
the final updated member database to AMR on the Monday, 11/15. As soon as AMR has the
database updated and the forms ready (within the next couple of weeks, they will start processing
memberships. Members will have online access to a directory as well as their own account
information. The listserv is to move to AMR on Friday, Nov. 19th. AMR is establishing bank
accounts whie BCR wraps up the conference financials. We expect all of our accounts to be
moved to AMR by December.
D&O insurance: we have the application form. As soon as the financials are added and the form
is completed we will submit it for quotes and report those back to the board. (You may want to
ask the board members to attest to those liability issues in the form if you still have it — if there
are any criminals amongst us, they can let me know confidentially if the prefer :)
10 min. VII. 2010 Conference Planning Committee Andrea Berstler,
· Wrap-up!
Conference wrap up from Andrea:
There is an agreement with ABOS to split the money from the conference; hotel bills have been
submitted; waiting on Brenda’s reports, but profit could be approximately $20,000; sending out
conference survey and possible reminder on the listserv; will forward to Steve for next year and
the speakers only, per request; preliminary comments are good;
Question from Louise on ROI: more people due to joint conference; more bills; split profit; hard
to tell at this time; may have made out a little better due to being joint, but not definite at this
time; will do analytics
Question from Jennifer: will we be able to get conference handouts that were provided
Reply from Andrea that we won’t get all, as some don’t want to share. Note from Sonja: some
files were not received, others were scrubbed, others not shared.
Note: One presenter did not show up and several people were upset. It was determined that she
was in a car accident; we may want to tell attendees that there was a valid reason.
Notes from Sonja: very positive feedback from a scholarship recipient; also positive links from
other resources:
Andrea will provide a written report for review.
5 min. VIII. 2011 Texas Conference Update Steve Seale,
· Dates set? First two weeks in September; September 8-11; mixer on Thursday (thinking of
gaming activities – 6 breakout rooms); all day Friday/Saturday conference.
· Contract signed? Working with the hotel – latest version of the contract has been sent to
Sonja; very close to having the contract and signatures.
· Other? Working on many things, but so far, so good.
5 min. IX. Partnerships Committee
Timothy Owens, Chair
· Strategic Partnerships Update Dwight McInvaill
· Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Timothy didn’t have anything to report on partnerships yet — but is hoping Dwight can update
the group.
5 min. X. Member Services Committee Alison Miller,
· Joint Webinar Plans with WebJunction Jennifer Peterson
Event Type: Webinar
Date: 1/18/2011
Start Time: 2:00 PM
End Time: 3:00 PM
Library Journal’s annual Best Small Library in America Award, sponsored by the Bill &
Melinda Gates Foundation, was created in 2005 to encourage and showcase the exemplary
work of libraries serving populations under 25,000. After the Glen Carbon Centennial Library
in Illinois was recognized as an “honorable mention” in the 2008 awards, its staff resolved to
win the award-and they did! Their successful results are seen in their commitment to hire and
inspire staff to provide “more than you expect” service to patrons, and in their stellar outreach
and programming that leverages partnerships and technology every way they can. As we await
the naming of the 2011 winner (expected February 1, 2011), we’re pleased to bring you this
webinar exploring the inner workings of GCCL, in collaboration with the Association for Rural
and Small Libraries and featuring GCCL library director, Anne M. Hughes and Library Journal’s
executive editor, Rebecca Miller.
Webjunction will promote, but also welcomes help spreading the word.
Asked for an article summary to send to the webjunction members/membership communities
(rural update). Deadline is 1st week of December.
Looking to have another arsl sponsored event next quarter. Andrea has offered, but perhaps
work with Dwight the following quarter.
Jennifer is looking forward to leveraging mutual channels and other networks.
Andrea – webinar topic: The Entrepeurial Librarian (also submitting to PLA 2012 conference);
using business models to help small and rural libraries run more effectively.
Post webinar to listserv.
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Next Board Meeting – Monday, January 24, 2011
Motion by Jennifer to adjourn, seconded by Andrea

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