Minutes July 18, 2011

2 min. I. Welcome and Call to Order Sonja Plummer-Morgan,
In attendance: Jennifer, Andrea, Becky, Carla, Lesley, Jim, Tena, Louise, Sonja, Dwight,
Call to order by Sonja 1:08
Timothy not able to make it
3 min. II. Consent Agenda
– Approve Minutes of March 21, 2011*/** Alison Miller, Secretary
– Approve Minutes of May 16, 2011*/**
– Current Financial Statements */** Andrea Berstler, Treasurer
● Move to approve minutes: Alison Second by Jennifer: no discussion: all in favor – motion
● Andrea – current financial statement
○ sent out copies of May/June financial statements (condensed covers everything –
○ any questions (from Andrea) – no questions
○ Motion to accept Andrea: Second by Donna: no discussion: all in favor – motion
10 min. III. President’s Report Sonja
· Nonprofit Status Update
· ALA – New Orleans
● provided via email: overview of activities;
● 501c3 app status update: spoke with Nick and Tracey and Sarah w/AMR Fri and
this morning; addressed some miscommunication; get sense of when draft would
be sent/submitted; expressed concern about the amount of time that has been
taken so far; factors include finance/comptroller (being extra cautious) – especially
due to lack of filing tax returns; some of the answers that we have given AMR
have not been accepted; one example – the board roster (also recent emails from
Sonja); one issue – adding Inc to every reference of arsl title to the website (would
require major work, as discussed via Sonja and Steve) – decided to change as
many as possible – initial response was that is not enough: second example
– Sonja asked Carla to send the updated roster (all updated); wasn’t initially
accepted based on format; third example sent the same question to several
different board members, receiving different answers, etc. At this point, promised
a draft of 501c3 app today; originally was going to mandate review today at this
meeting; Sonja requested that the draft go to the Executive comm – let the board
decide about further requests to app
● who is to answer questions from AMR to Board – examples treasurer, Andrea:
Member Services, Jennifer/Alison – copy Sonja and Carla on responses: if not
appropriate, email Sonja and Carla
● IMLS preconference
● Booth – staffed by Jennifer: successful: Constant Contact newsletter shared
● Additional comments about meetings/people/arsl promotion
● status on social networks provided
● QR Code
● Discrectionary funds of President – asked John Chratska for prof dev at
conference for board (working on day and time)
Questions: None
5 min. IV. Executive Committee Report Sonja
· Decision on General Liability Insurance
● Determined to be around $8000 – will be assessed each year; bring up at a
meeting in the future – should be discussed each year in terms of need
10 min. V. Treasurer’s Report Andrea
· ARSL 2011 Budget Change*/**
Increase Board travel budget by $1400 to $6400 – this allows up to 8 board travel scholarships
of $800 each
● needs request for consideration for fin aid and needs to be in by Aug 11;
● request Board to increase Board travel budget from $1400 to $6400
Motion made by Alison; seconded by Tena – all in favor – motion carried
forms from:
Tena, Becky, Carla, Louise, Jim, Lori
10 min. VI. Nominating Committee Report Lesley Boughton, Chair
· Election Outcomes
· Comments from Members
● Carla shared election results week of July 1 – Lesley made a suggestion to review
survey monkey results regarding nominees and process; question from Sonja –
objection was that there were not many names to choose from
● information is distributed on the listserv/key contact/social networks
● members may not know it’s competitive in terms of who the nominating
committee selects to meet organizational needs
10 min. VII. Conference Update Steve Seale, Chair
● report sent out – information from that reviewed
● additional information regarding volunteer times and board meeting will be sent
● additional marketing information will be shared by Tena
15 min. VIII. Partnerships Committee Timothy Owens, Chair
· Committee Update
· Strategic Partnerships Update Dwight McInvaill
· Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
· Pushing the Limits Project Update Larry Grieco
· ALA Public Programs Office – Exhibits Larry Grieco
● Larry not in attendance – Louise filled in: pushing limits moving at a steady pace;
Larry visited w/various people at ALA – talked about smaller exhibits more feasible
for smaller libraries; long telephone conversation with Bernie – interested in
revitalizing the Center – Louise will write up a summary and share
10 min. IX. Member Services Committee Jennifer Peterson, Chair
· Online Newsletter Update
· Media Channels in conjunction with Press Releases
· ALA 2012 session (Anaheim) in partnership with Committee on Rural, Native, and Tribal
Libraries of All Kinds
· ARSL liaison to the Committee on Rural, Native, and Tribal Libraries of All Kinds?
● Meeting last week – newsletter how to ensure content, double check where they arrive
(SPAM), frequency (perhaps quarterly), issues/segments/etc discussed
● Formal call to Board members for ideas relating to website roundup, rural innovators
● discussed aggregator, hashtag for conference
● would like a table at the conference
10 min. X. Membership Development Committee Tena Hanson, Chair
· Update
● Report sent out last week;
● 1. Does anyone have any great testimonials about membership and/or conference
we could use in promotions? people will look and share any information/possibly
also from evaluations
● 2. What do you think about our Welcome Back letter idea — a letter to be sent to
those with expired membeships 6 months afterwards to encourage them to rejoin?
● 3. How about offering the ability to order ARSL logo items (conference badge
decorations) online? Is this cool with our logo policy? Yes
● comment/question about how many state reps we have
Discussion about diversity
Next Board Meeting – Sunday afternoon and Monday morning, September 11 & 12, 2011
Motion to adjourn – Andrea, second Jennifer, all in favor

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