Minutes September 12, 2011

Opening:  The meeting of the Board of Directors of the Association of Rural and Small Libraries was called to order at 9:00 a.m. on September 12, 2011 in Frisco, TX by Becky Heil, President.

Present:  Andrea Berstler, Lesley Boughton, Louise Greene, Larry Grieco, Tena Hanson, Becky Heil, Paul Healey, Carla Lehn, Jennifer Peterson, Steve Seale, Lorie Womack

Absent:  Donna Brice, Dwight McInvaill, Alison Miller, Sharon Michie, Sonja Plummer-Morgan

Quorum Present?  Yes

Others Present: Don Reynolds, former president of ARSL, retired

A.    Election of Board Treasurer and Board Secretary

Andrea Berstler moved to elect Lesley Boughton as Treasurer and Louise Greene as Secretary.  Tena Hanson seconded.  No discussion.  Motion carried.

B.   Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the previous meeting July 18, 2011 were unanimously approved as distributed.  Andrea Berstler moved; Lesley Boughton seconded.  No discussion.  Motion carried.

C.   Treasurer’s Report

Andrea Berstler distributed four pages of financial reports produced by AMR for board discussion. Discussion ensued on report structure; discussion of further breakdown of fees; questions about fees and where total line items are disbursed. Consensus reached that some transaction reports from AMR be requested for clarification.  Lesley Boughton, as Treasurer, will contact AMR.  Discussion whether AMR contract will remain in place at the same rate and of timeline for contract renewal; investigate future conference board meeting presence of AMR personnel, review satisfaction with conference registration experience.  Jennifer Peterson moved that board will review online conference registration software and membership experience with AMR.  Lesley Boughton seconded.  Motion carried.  Andrea Berstler moved that annual contract with AMR be renewed unless the annual cost to ARSL exceeds a 2% increase.  Jennifer Peterson seconded.  Motion carried. Paul Healey moved to approve Treasurer’s Report.  Tena Hanson seconded. Motion carried. Action: Becky Heil will follow up with AMR on online conference registration experience.  Paul Healey will examine existing and new AMR contract language.  Andrea Berstler added that ARSL has not yet been through an audit cycle.

D.   President’s Agenda

  1. Reviewed relationship with AMR.  Becky Heil will verify with AMR the line of communication between AMR office and board members.
  2. Board Member Description. Discussion of Board Member Job Description Art 5. Section 8 of By-Laws and Board Member Responsibility number 3 in description document (participation in regular board meetings). Discussion of role of ex-officio members. No action at this time.
  3. Committee Chair Description. Discussion tabled.
  4. Board Work Processes.  Lorie Womack requested a TO DO List following board meetings.  Louise Greene requested timely conclusion of board meetings.  Consensus reached that board meetings last 1.5 hours unless otherwise noted in advance.  Lesley Boughton requested Executive Committee Meeting minutes be distributed to entire Board.  Paul Healey will investigate group document work space.  Consensus reached that members be on time for meetings.  Louise Greene recommended new member orientation be formalized.  Consensus reached that Board visibility be heightened.  Proposed logo policy discussed.  Paul Healey will review and agreed to be Ad Hoc Policy Review Committee Chair. Discussion of creating a brochure for distribution. Discussion about which services are available to ARSL as an ALA affiliate.  Discussion of Board business cards.  Carla Lehn reminded committee chairs of conference call number availability.  Steve Seale moved to discontinue press release services of volunteer ARSL member.  Discussion of role of public relations functions within committee structure.  Motion withdrawn.  Jennifer Peterson will investigate press release functions within the Member Services Committee.  Consensus reached that agenda for Board meeting be posted on ARSL list-serv and that a telephone number be published for member participation in comment session.
  5. Discussion of Directors’ Liability Insurance Policy.  Discussion on previous quotes for policy premiums.  Lesley Boughton requested policy be put in place as soon as possible.  Consensus reached that new avenues be explored for liability policy.  Becky Heil will discuss with AMR.


E.    Membership Committee Report

Tena Hanson reported on membership dues structure, levels of membership, benefits.  Discussion about $10.00 donation embedded in Premier Membership dues voluntarily sent to conference scholarship fund.  Ways to recognize members who donate to fund were listed.  Jennifer Peterson moved that $10.00 donation in Premier Membership option be retained.  Larry Grieco seconded.  Motion carried.  Discussion of member newsletter.  Lesley Boughton recommended newsletter be consistently published on schedule and distributed to the entire membership through website.

F.    Partnership Committee Project Update

Larry Grieco indicated additional information on the NSF grant and ALA Public Programs Committee work will be forthcoming for the next Board meeting.

G.   Committees Meetings

Consensus reached that committees would meet in the even numbered months.  Becky Heil urged committee chairs to consider budget requests as well as volunteer roles among membership to accomplish organization tasks.

H.   Recap of Actions to be Taken

Becky Heil: Discussion with Alison Miller, Dwight McInvaill, Sharon Michie on board roles and duties; AMR on liability insurance for director, expanded financial reports, member registration experience, contract renewal, conference board meeting presence. Position letters (2). Follow BMGF grant process, represent ARSL with BMGF in Washington, D.C.

Paul Healey: will review all current and future policies. Paul will look at DropBox

Carla Lehn: will send Paul all policies. Assemble Board Retreat discussion for strategic planning and distribute, assemble remarks from membership about conference experience

Andrea Berstler: conference contact follow up, partners at NC State Library, DropBox orientation

Jennifer Peterson: Marketing webinar on 9.20.11, newsletter for conference wrapup, set up editorial calendar.

Larry Grieco: follow up ALA public programs and NSF

Lesley Boughton: Contact AMR in preparation on budget for January meeting; will report at executive committee in October.

Tena Hanson: brochures, membership campaign, traveling exhibit

Steve Seale: conference wrap up, represent ARSL with BMGF in Washington, D.C.

Lorie Womack: recording duties for Conference Manual

Louise Greene: continue UNT partnership exploration

Meeting Adjourned:  12 p.m. Noon, Becky Heil, President

Next Board Meetings:

November 3, 2011 Thursday   4 p.m. PT/3 p.m. MT/2 p.m. CT/1 p.m. ET

January 5, 2012     Thursday   4 p.m. PT/3 p.m. MT/2 p.m. CT/1 p.m. ET


Respectfully Submitted,

Louise W. Greene, Secretary






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