Minutes January 5, 2012

 Approved Minutes

Opening:  The meeting of the Board of Directors of the Association of Rural and Small Libraries was called to order at 1:04 p.m. Pacific; 2:04 p.m. Mountain; 3:04 p.m. Central; 4:04 p.m. Eastern on January 5, 2012 through WebEx by Becky Heil, President.

Present:  Andrea Berstler, Donna Brice, Lesley Boughton, Louise Greene, Larry Grieco, Becky Heil, Paul Healey, Carla Lehn, Alison Miller, Sharon Michie, Jennifer Peterson, Steve Seale, Lorie Womack

Absent: Dwight McInvaill, Sonja Plummer-Morgan

Quorum Present:  Yes

Others Present: none


Consent Agenda

Minutes of November 3, 2011 were approved.  Minutes of March 21, 2011 and Minutes of May 16, 2011 meeting were approved with corrections.

President’s Report                                                      

AMR Contract Update: Becky Heil reported that the contract was signed on November 21, 2011.  The contract presented was less than the 2% increase anticipated.

Directors  & Officers Liability Insurance: Matthew Rush was contacted for new quote from Great American. The quote had not changed.  The contract was signed on December 5, 2011.

Nebraska Online Conference:  ARSL has agreed with the Nebraska State Library to co-sponsor the Conference.

AMR request:  The 990 form has changed.  The ARSL Board will look at form 990 policies over the next year.  Form 990 policies are not required but are recommended by AMR.

America Speaks information: Becky Heil appointed Alison Miller to work with the grant writer liaison. Alison Miller will be added to the partnership committee.


Executive Committee Report                                       

Advertising on ARSL Website: Policy on advertising on the ARSL website is not a high priority.  Discussion tabled.

Review of Conference Budget Policy: Executive committee approved the policy as it stands.

Next ARSL Board meeting: Moved from March 16, 2012 to March 23, 2012 due to a conflict with PLA.

Drop Box: The tool is now organized by “tabs”; committee reports were requested to be deposited in general space and Carla Lehn will move files after meetings.

Treasurer’s Report 

Current Financial Statements:  Lesley Boughton reported the full financial ledger was posted in DropBox.  Lesley Boughton reported the budget cannot be approved since the conference budget is not included in the ledger. The board will approve budget by email vote once conference budget is incorporated.  The final budget document will be posted by 1.12.12. By 1.17.12, a vote by email will pass the budget if the conference budget is agreed to in principle at this meeting.  Board members agreed in principle and to vote by email by 1.17.12.


Conference Update                                                                  

Andrea Berstler reported that a four person committee was working on the conference presentations and half-day preconference workshops.  The slate is scheduled to be in place by mid-March.  The keynote speaker is tentatively Susan Hildreth of IMLS.  Attendance is estimated at 350.

Partnerships Committee          

ARSL is still waiting for word on the submitted Gates Foundation Proposal.

ARSL’s SHLB membership has been approved.  A check for the dues will be sent.

Larry Grieco reported the NSF grant ‘Pushing the Limits’ plans an announcement by 1.15.12 and will send the application for libraries to become test sites to the ARSL listserv. It is anticipated the full grant will be in operation 2013.


Member Services Committee                           

Jennifer Peterson reported an update on the ARSL website changes.  All changes will be reviewed before going live and a manual for posting will be created.  There were over 700 hits to the site in December, many on conference handouts.

Jennifer reported a Flickr account had been created and group photos had been revived.

Jennifer recapped the December 14, 2011 webinar.  There were 212 attendees.  Of those, 201 non-ARSL Member attendees will receive a letter inviting them to join ARSL.

Jennifer reported future webinar plans:

March 27: Adult Programs on a $0 Budget with Joey Holmes, Laurens Co Library, SC

June: Marketing the Rural Library with Melinda Tanner and Michelle McIntyre

September: Community Outreach Plans with the PEARL Project, Barbara Blake and Louise Greene

ALA Midwinter and Annual planning: ARSL is co-sponsoring a forum/panel rural café on leadership in rural libraries. A program on building and sustaining partnerships and a program on advocacy and fundraising are being planned for ALA.

The Spring Newsletter will be broadcast by March 19, 2012.

The Global Film Initiative inquiry: a DVD donation of a film series will be sent to 5 rural public libraries who host screenings of Global Lens film. The board agreed to send the message out to members.


Membership Development Committee

Tena Hanson reported there are currently 393 members reflecting the normal drop after the annual conference.

There were 228 members at the same time last year.  Tena thanked the board for funding mailed renewal reminders and for the ARSL brochure.  She acknowledged the work effort of ALA in the design of the brochure.  Tena announced she is ready to take orders for ribbons and brochures distribution.


Policy Committee                                                                    

Paul Healey reported he reviewed the ARSL Board Member Travel Policy and made the following change at the end of the policy “…board will set a limit for total expenditures to be approved in annual budget”.

Alison Miller motioned to approve the change. Motion carried.

Paul reported there is another policy to review: travel to conferences outside ARSL.

The Policy on Issue Statements was reviewed and approved with one typographical correction.


New Business

Non-profit status: no news from AMR yet on the application.




The meeting adjourned at 4:30 pm Central.

Next Board Meeting – Friday, March 23, 2012 – 8:30 am Pacific; 9:30 am Mountain; 10:30 am Central; 11:30 am Eastern

Email votes on Proposed Budget Received:
Becky 1.11.12 Approved
Andrea 1.12.12 Approved
Sonja 1.12.12 Approved
Lorie 1.12.12 Approved
Paul 1.12.12 Approved
Tena 12.12 Approved
Paul 1.12.12 Approved
Donna 1.12.12 Approved
Alison 1.12.12 Approved
Louise 1.13.12 Approved
Jennifer 1.12.12 Approved

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