Key State and Provincial Contacts

These ARSL members serve as Key Contacts, making association information available to all in their state. Thank you for your great work! You’ll see there are a few states who still need Key Contacts. If you would like to serve as a Key Contact, please see the volunteer job description for more information.

If you have questions about Key Contacts, please contact the Membership Development Committee Chair, Lisa Lewis (

Alabama – Gail Sheldon

Alaska – Aja Razumny

Arizona – Denise Keller

Arkansas – Carolyn Ashcraft

California – Carla Lehn

Colorado – Larry Grieco

Connecticut – Su Epstein

Delaware – Tameca Beckett

Florida – Cynthia Welch

Georgia – Richard Sanders

Hawaii – Jane Barnwell

Idaho – Sue Walker

Illinois – Rose Chenoweth

Indiana – Julie Elmore

Iowa – Tena Hanson

Kansas – Chris Rippel

Kentucky – Pamela Marks

Louisiana – Vivian McCain

Maine – Sonja Plummer-Morgan

Maryland – Marilyn Pontius

Massachusetts – Jennie Wiley

Michigan – Colleen Leddy

Minnesota – Diane Adams

Mississippi – Jenniffer Stephenson

Missouri – Carrie Cline

Montana – Sue Jackson

Nebraska – Richard Miller

Nevada – Karen Starr

New Hampshire – Cynthia Reardon Phillips

New Jersey – Kathi Peiffer

New Mexico – Eleanor Bernau

New York – Joan Pellikka

North Carolina – Karen Drake

North Dakota – Susie Sharp

Ohio – Janet Conn

Oklahoma – Pat Williams

Oregon – Mary Jane Fisher

Pennsylvania – Donna Brice

Rhode Island – Cathi Finnen

South Carolina – Denise Lyons

South Dakota – Nancy Sabbe

Texas – Steve Seale

Tennessee – Nancy Green

Utah – Juan T. Lee

Vermont – Sarah Costa

Virginia – Jennifer Beach

Washington – Carolyn Petersen

West Virginia – Christel Shumate

Wisconsin – Jamie Matczak

Wyoming – Lesley Boughton


One Response to “Key State and Provincial Contacts”

  1. Susan Hughes says:

    I am new to ARSL and newly returned to Public Libraries. I am very interested in attending the conference in Tacoma this year and I can find very little information about costs.

    I need to put a proposal to my Board next month and they want a cost estimate. I see that room reservations will be available in a few days, but what about the cost of the conference itself?

    I am the Administrator for a 4 county library Cooperative – Panhandle Public Library Cooperative System – in the Florida Panhandle. Marianna to be precise.

    Thanks for any info you can get me.

    Susan Hughes