Key State and Provincial Contacts

These ARSL members serve as Key Contacts, making association information available to all in their state. Thank you for your great work! You’ll see there are a few states who still need Key Contacts. If you would like to serve as a Key Contact, please see the volunteer job description for more information.

If you have questions about Key Contacts, please contact the Membership Development Committee Chair, Carolyn Petersen

Alabama – Gina Wilson  

Alaska – Julie Niederhauser

Arizona – Joyce Baker    

Arkansas – Carolyn Ashcraft

California – Carla Lehn  

Colorado – Larry Grieco 

Connecticut – Su Epstein

Delaware – Tameca Beckett

Florida – Sandy Newell   

Georgia – Richard Sanders

Hawaii – VACANT

Idaho – Jezmynnee Dene

Illinois – Ruth Miller           

Indiana – Julie Elmore       

Iowa – Tena Hanson          

Kansas – Chris Rippel       

Kentucky – Pamela Marks 

Louisiana – Charlotte Trosclair

Maine – Lisa Shaw            

Maryland – Gail Sheldon     

Massachusetts – Jennie Wiley

Michigan – Colleen Leddy  

Minnesota -Vicki Bartz    

Mississippi – Jenniffer Stephenson

Missouri – Debbie Musselman

Montana – Jo Flick                

Nebraska – Richard Miller    

Nevada – Robbie DeBuff      

New Hampshire – VACANT

New Jersey – Mary Chute     

New Mexico – Joy Poole        

New York – Hope Decker       

North Carolina – Catherine Roche

North Dakota – Susie Sharp  

Ohio – Missy Lodge               

Oklahoma – Rhonda Turley   

Oregon – Darci Hanning        

Pennsylvania – Donna Brice 

Rhode Island – VACANT

South Carolina – Denise Lyons

South Dakota – Vicki Anderson

Tennessee – Nancy Green 

Texas – Pattie Mayfield       

Utah – Juan T. Lee              

Vermont – Sarah Costa       

Virginia – Jennifer Beach    

Washington – Carolyn Petersen

West Virginia -Mary Rayme

Wisconsin – Denise Anton 

Wyoming – Thomas Ivie    

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