July 20, 2012 Board Meeting

Association for Rural and Small Libraries Board of Directors Meeting

Friday, July 20, 2012


I.          Welcome and Call to Order                                                 Becky Heil, President

II.        Consent Agenda

–         Approve Minutes of May 18, 2012*/**                           Louise Greene, Secretary

–         Current Financial Statements */**                                    Lesley Boughton, Treasurer

III.       President’s Report                                                                Becky

  • “Bold Visions” – Gates Meeting in Anaheim
  • Update on Gates consultant
  • Discussion of ARSL merchandise idea
  • Storage of historical documents

IV.       Executive Committee Report                                               Becky

  • Progress on ARSL’s first Annual Report – Louise
  • Update on 5 years of Conference Locations – Becky
  • Recommendation on web-meeting system for ARSL*/**
  • Discussion of ARSL Board Member Emeritus status

V.        Conference Update                                                               Andrea Berstler, Chair

  • Registrations to date
  • State Conference scholarships
  • Board Orientation and Lunch at Conference (in addition to Board meeting)

VI.       Partnerships Committee                                                       Sonja Plummer-Morgan, Chair

  • Update on NSF Project & ALA Program Committee      Larry Grieco
  • Update on  UNT PEARL Program                                  Louise Greene

VII.     Nominating Committee                                                         Sonja Plummer-Morgan, Chair

  • 2012 Election Results

VIII.    Member Services Committee                                               Jennifer Peterson, Chair

  • Webinars Update
  • Website Update
  • ARSL sponsored events at ALA
  • Newsletter Update

IX.       Membership Development Committee                                Tena Hanson, Chair

  • Membership Update
  • 2013 Conference Update

X.        Policy Committee                                                                  Paul Healey, Chair

  • Policy on Issues Statements & Letters of Support*/**
  • Public Comment Policy*/**
  • Membership Transfer Policy*/**

XI.       New Business


Next Board Meeting – Face to Face in Raleigh, NC — 2:00 pm Saturday, September 29, 2012 – Noon, Sunday, September 30



Opening:  The meeting of the Board of Directors of the Association of Rural and Small Libraries was

called to order at 8:34 a.m. Pacific; 9:34 a.m. Mountain; 10:34 a.m. Central; 11:34 a.m. Eastern on July 20, 2012 via conference call.

Present:  Andrea Berstler, Lesley Boughton, Donna Brice, Louise Greene, Tena Hanson, Becky Heil, Paul Healey, Carla Lehn, Jennifer Peterson, Steve Seale

Absent: Larry Greico, Dwight McInvaill, Sharon Michie, Alison Miller, Sonja Plummer-Morgan, Lorie Womack

Quorum Present:  Yes – only until the Policy Committee portion of the agenda.

Others Present: Carol Lukas, Lukas Consulting

Consent Agenda

The minutes of the May 18, 2012 meeting were approved with the following changes/corrections:

  • The Treasurer’s Report was delivered by Lesley Boughton
  • Member at Large candidates were listed
  • Membership renewal notices were revised (not sent)

Lesley Boughton summarized the current financial statement. A motion for approval; motion carried.

President’s Report

Sonja Plummer-Morgan, Dwight McInvaill and Becky Heil were invited to attend the “Bold Visions” conference of the Gates Foundation and COSLA as representatitves of ARSL during the Anaheim 2012 ALA Annual Conference.  Steve Seale, Lesley Boughton and Andrea Berstler were also in attendance.  Becky and Andrea were present at a table talk where an award to a small library of excellence was discussed by state librarians.  The nominees might come recommended by their state libraries but the award might be given by ARSL.  More information will be available in the Fall about this award.                                

Becky introduced Carol Lukas of Lukas Consulting.  Carol was in attendance to learn more about how ARSL board conducts business and works together.  Carol met previously with the steering committee to schedule interviews and conduct a board survey.  Becky requested that board members complete a Doodle poll for an interview appointment with Carol.  In addition to current board members, Don Reynolds, Satia Orange, Carla Lehn, and Patti Hector will be interviewed.

There was a discussion of creating merchandise with the ARSL logo.  Favorable comments were made and it was agreed that products could raise the visibility of the association. Donna Brice volunteered to create an informal proposal.  This will be an agenda topic for the September meeting.

AMR will store physical documents and historical records off-site for $15 per month.  Scanning is also a possibility.

Executive Committee Report

The first annual report will be made available in draft form by mid-August.  Discussion ensued about the source of membership figures for an annual report.  It was noted that from September through December, membership was relatively stable. A December 31st figure could be used from year-to-year and this would coincide with financial year-end figures for an annual report.  It was also noted that membership trend data was not necessary; a single figure for the fiscal year could be published.  It was noted that AMR can supply membership data for reports.

There is a file in Dropbox of a map of conference locations since 2007 with an additional five locations for upcoming conferences.

Tech Soup was recommended as the carrier for virtual meetings.  It was moved that Ready Talk be purchased for $45 per year as proposed by the executive committee.  Motion carried.

A discussion of ARSL Board Member Emeritus status was postponed.

ARSL documents are being relocated within Dropbox.  Board members were asked to deposit documents for upcoming meetings in a meeting folder.  The documents will then be assigned an appropriate folder by Carla and Becky using a system of naming conventions.                                             

Treasurer Lesley Boughton reported that income was being generated from the conference and that ARSL was on track to meet the projected revenue.  There have been conference travel support requests from new board members. An estimation form will be sent by Lesley and board members will be placed in a lottery.

The motion to accept the financial report carried.

Conference Chair Andrea Berstler noted 132 registrations to date.  The early bird deadline is August 31st.  Hotel discounts end August 28th. There are currently 11 vendors.  The North Carolina State Library is awarding 80 scholarships and support for libraries to attend.  Hosts and hostesses for dine arounds have been identified.  The mixer will be held at the state capitol.  Three keynote addresses are scheduled for the conference. The board member orientation time has not yet been set.

Partnerships Committee 

It was noted that the UNT PEARL Program for small and rural libraries is entering its third and final year.  It was also noted that the iConference will be hosted by UNT School of Library and Information Science in February 2013.  An ARSL presence was suggested by Dr. Totten, Dean of the school.

Nominating Committee                                                    

2012 Election Results were presented.

Vice President/President Elect:Tena Hanson, Current Chair of ARSL’s Membership Development Committee and Director, Estherville Public Library Estherville, Iowa

For Member at Large Positions

Lorie Womack (2nd term) – Current Board Member and Branch Manager, Washington Branch Library Washington, Utah

Gail  Sheldon (1st Term) – Director, Oneonta Public Library Oneonta, Alabama

Tameca Beckett (1st Term) – Adult Services Assistant, Laurel Public Library Laurel, Delaware

Lisa Lewis (1st Term) – Director of Library Services, Town of Huachuca City Huachuca City, Arizona

Member Services Committee 

The marketing program had 268 attendees.  Library feature stories are still being promoted for the website.  At ALA Annual 2012, one session had an article written and published in Library Journal.  The Diversity and Outreach Fair was successful.  Two ARSL board members attended the RNTLOALK meeting.  Jennifer Peterson will continue as the liaison to that section although her term as president has ended.  The e-newsletter was sent to 460 members.

Membership Development Committee

Tena Hanson reported 473 members. Key contacts have been assigned in all but two states.  Ribbon and brochure orders have slowed.  A 2013 conference planning trip to three possible IA/NE sites is planned for August 10.  Succession planning is progressing.                       

Policy Committee                                                              

Paul Healey reported on revisions to the policies on Issues Statements, Membership Transfers, and Public Comment.  Approvals for revisions were not sought; a quorum was not present at this point in the meeting.  These items will be on the September meeting agenda.

New Business

A request for a letter of support for broadband from Mark Warner was added for consideration.  ALA was contacted.  ALA advised examining such requests for the following: other supporters who have signed; who the legislation would affect; whether libraries are expressly mentioned.  A summary of the letter and recommendations will be made to the board via email.  No vote was taken due to the absence of a quorum but a letter would be written advising no interest in support at this time.

A request was made by advertisers for ad placement in the conference program.  Past requests have been made in relation to the ARSL website.  It was agreed that advertising was a board level decision.  Further discussion will take place at the conference board meeting in September.

The resignation of board member Alison Miller has been accepted effective immediately.  According to by-laws, the vacancy will be filled by appointment.

Public Comment

There was no public comment.

Next Board Meeting – Face-to-Face in Raleigh, NC at 2:00 pm Saturday, September 29, 2012 – Noon, Sunday, September 30.

Board Meeting Adjourned at 12:03 p.m. with Becky Heil thanking everyone for a good year and with the present members thanking Becky for her service.

Respectfully Submitted,

Louise W. Greene, Secretary

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