September 29, 2012 Annual Board Meeting Minutes

Association for Rural and Small Libraries
Annual Board Meeting Minutes
Raleigh, North Carolina September 29, 2012

Present: Andrea Berstler, Steve Seale, Louise Greene, Lisa Lewis, Tameca Beckett, Donna Brice, Tena Hanson, Lori Womak, Becky Heil, Gail Sheldon, Jennifer Peterson, Carolyn Petersen, Paul Healey (via Skype) and Carla Lehn, Convener

Absent: Lesley Boughton

Quorum Present? Yes

Others: Kieran Hixon, Don Reynolds, Shirley Vonderhaar

The meeting of the Board of Directors of the Association for Rural and Small Libraries was called to order at 1:39 p.m. a.m. on September 29, 2012 in Raleigh, North Carolina by Andrea Berstler, President.

I. President’s Goals for the Annual Meeting: good communication and a solid work plan.

II. Board Members, Carla Lehn and guests present were introduced to one another.

III. Kieran Hixon, the ARSL member who was largely responsible for the re-design of the website, gave an overview of the ARSL website. Kieran noted that a screencast is planned that will train board members to independently contribute, update and post content.

IV. Retiring Presidents Remarks
Becky reviewed some of the association’s accomplishments during her tenure as board president: punctual board meetings; executive committee minutes; Dropbox storage and organization; policy reviews; liability insurance; a template for a conference MOU; travelling display; annual report, and an online meeting platform.

V. Election of Board Treasurer and Board Secretary
Louise Greene was nominated as Secretary; motion carried.
Lesley Boughton was nominated as Treasurer; motion carried.

VI. Approval of Minutes
Minutes of the July 20th board meeting were approved without correction.

VII. Treasurer’s Report: as distributed at the general meeting of the membership on Thursday September 27, 2012.

VIII. Public Comments: none. Notice of minutes, agendas and reports will be sent to members when they are posted to the website.

Business meeting concluded at 3:38 p.m.
Respectfully Submitted,
Louise W. Greene, Secretary
Next Board Meeting: November 16, 2012

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