Karaoke Night at the Huachuca City Public Library

Twice a month on Friday nights in Huachuca City the place to be is at the Public Library’s Karaoke Night. The fun gets started at 6:30 p.m. and is part of the library’s “after hours” programming.  “This is a happening place” states one patron 100-IMGA0044as he fills out his song requests.  The music is loud and the laughter even louder.  You will find moms, dads, kids, grandparents and even the mayor of Huachuca city in the library during karaoke night.  There is lemon-aide and ice tea aplenty along with cookies to munch on and the best thing of all….. no cover charge!

With what started as a way to get more library attendance from the teens in the area has turned into a well attended family event and one that is looked forward to every other Friday.  The idea for karaoke came from the teen council at the library and the equipment and music was purchased through a grant awarded from the Cochise County Community Foundation.

Community members can come and “let their hair down” with their kids and have a ball.  It doesn’t matter if you can sing or not.  Everyone takes a turn at the mike and everyone gets applauded and cheered when they are done.  The mayor of Huachuca City himself is the D.J. and loves to participate and volunteer to run the program.  He loves karaoke and has a great voice and is really good at getting people to become involved and let go of their shyness and sing.

100-IMGA0046The Friends of the Library have also become involved and help sponsor the program by providing the funds to purchase additional music as well as an AV cart which the equipment sits on.  This program has expanded and grown since its conception in early 2012.  It’s not unusual to find 30 people or more in the library on karaoke nights.

This program fits in so very well with one of the key missions of the library which is “Building Community”.  Strong families build strong communities and the library will continue to hold programs such as karaoke night so we can continue to build community.

So….. If you’re not doing anything next Friday night, come on down to the Huachuca City Public Library and join us.  Just follow the music and the laughter and you will know you’re in the right place!

Lisa Lewis
Director of Library Services
Huachuca City Public Library

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