April 5, 2013 Board Meeting

Association for Rural and Small Libraries

Board of Directors Meeting

Friday, April 5, 2013


Opening:  The meeting of the Board of Directors of the Association for Rural and Small Libraries was called to order by Andrea Berstler, President, at 11:38 a.m. Eastern on April 5, 2013.

Present:  Andrea Berstler, Lesley Boughton, Donna Brice, Louise Greene, Tena Hanson, Paul Healey, Carla Lehn, Lisa Lewis, Carolyn Petersen, Jennifer Peterson, Steve Seale, Gail Sheldon

Absent: Becky Heil, Tameca Beckett

Quorum Present:  Yes

Others Present: Denise Wetzel, guest. Cal Shepard, State Librarian of North Carolina.

Consent Agenda

The minutes of the January 18, 2013 meeting were approved without changes or corrections. Motion to move the Finance Committee report to the Consent Agenda; motion carried. Motion to approve the Consent Agenda; motion carried.

Results of vote by email to approve AUP audit by accountant: unanimous approval by quorum of the board.

President’s Report

Discussion of ARSL “Code of Ethics” was tabled until a future meeting.

A Strategic Plan Task Force will be an ad hoc committee, taking the results of the board retreat in Chicago (March 2013) to create a strategic plan.  The plan will be presented to the Board at the annual meeting in Omaha, September 2013.

Lori Womack resigned from the board effective immediately.  According to the by-laws, the President can appoint a new board member as a replacement.  Andrea will pass the opening to the nominating committee to be filled by election.

Cal Shepard, State Librarian of North Carolina, accepted the opening as the COSLA liaison as the term of Lesley Boughton, Wyoming State Librarian and current COSLA representative, is ending.  There will be a transition period between 9/2013 and 9/2014 and then a reappointment for this position.

Gail Sheldon offered to represent the ARSL Board of directors as a member of the Pew Internet & American Life Advisory Committee.  An additional representative from the board may be requested.

Partnership Committee

Motions to accept Affiliate Status applications from the Public Library Association and the University of North Texas were moved and accepted.

An MOA from the United States Fire Administration was discussed; motion made to approve and accepted.

A web presence for Affiliates on the ARSL website was discussed; moved and accepted.

Additional applications for Affiliate Status will be presented at future meetings.

Member Services Committee

Tameca Beckett and Jennifer Peterson are serving as co-chairs for an orderly transition of leadership.

The need for cross-committee communication among committee chairs was discussed.  A process was discussed for producing website content in a step-wise fashion.  A flowchart with a timeline was recommended.  Messages should proceed, with approval from the board, to the website and then to the member listserv with links to the new content.

New Business

A second annual report will be produced with content and design similar to the first annual report. The production will be on schedule with distribution at the conference in Omaha, September 2013.  Cal Shepard offered that the first report was informative and succinct.

Public Comment: None

Meeting Adjourned: 12:22 p.m.  Eastern

Next Board Meeting – Friday, May 17, 2013, 11:30 am – 12:30 pm Eastern Time

Respectfully submitted,

Louise W. Greene, Secretary

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