Burt Public Library Village Post Office

Originally published in the North Central 
Newsletter, by Trisha Hicks, Iowa Library Services-North Central, Algona, Iowa

The Burt Public Library celebrated the grand opening of their Village Post Office on Wednesday, April 17, 2013. The library is able to sell stamps, prepaid boxes, and accept small boxes for shipment. The main post office in Burt now closes at 11:30 am every weekday, so the afternoon hours with the library serving as the VPO, give the public more opportunity to purchase/mail items. There were 82 people who attended the grand opening and wished the library well in its newest endeavor to meet the needs of the Burt community.


Director Trisha Hicks, Assistant Librarian Sonya Harsha, and Substitute Sue Chihak  at the VPO Grand Opening


USPS staff visiting at Burt, the first library in Iowa to become a Village Post Office

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  1. So happy to see others doing this. Some good news along this line. I asked our Area Coordinator to ask the Higher Ups if the VPO’s could order ANY of the Forever stamps. We were relegated to just 4 options. She emailed me and it has been approved. Why is this important? Because if you were buying the special (holiday etc) stamps outside of your VPO ACH order form, you weren’t being “credited” for those sales. And those sales are what will determine if you sell enough to stay on the program. So now, on your ACH form, Diane Jones said we just add a description of the stamps we want. With the holidays coming up it’s time order.