Personal Library Service in Geneseo, Illinois

By Louise Greene, ARSL Board Member and Secretary

In Geneseo, Illinois (pop. 6,580), library staff have a service ethic that gives patrons the white glove treatment from beginning to end. How? Claire K. Crawford, Library Director, says “We get out of our desks and walk with the patron and show them where the information is. We offer to order their books for them and help them with inter-library loan. We feel that our patrons are our friends and deserve the best customer service available.” In addition, the library delivers books to the nursing homes, assisted living centers, and encourages patrons to sign up for “talking Geneseo Public Library books” to be delivered directly to their homes at no cost to them. Patrons just apply a return label and the “talking books” are sent back to headquarters.

If a library reaps what it sows, then a high level of personal service has paid off in a big way for the Geneseo Public Library District. The community has supported a brand new building for the library without raising taxes. It took 17 years to arrive at a new building but it was worth it. The library is now the most energy efficient building in Geneseo. Very progressive for a town often described as “just like Mayberry”!

Within the new building, the cornerstone of the community, patrons receive wonderful programs and the benefit of a staff that is tuned into innovation, new ideas and experiences. Take a virtual tour of this beauty at and click on the Photo Galleries. You may just get some new ideas of your own.

Geneseo PLD is an Institutional Member of ARSL.

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