COSLA Celebrates 40 Years of Success; Plans for Future

Lexington, KY – The Chief Officers of State Library Agencies (COSLA) held its Annual Meeting at the Hilton Savannah Desoto in Savannah, Georgia during the week of October 27-31, 2013.  COSLA celebrated its 40th anniversary and devoted time to organizational planning while discussing and taking action on issues of common concern and national interest.

2013 marked the 40th anniversary for COSLA which was first organized in November 1973 at a meeting in Washington, D.C.  Former State Librarians  Al Trezza (IL) and Joe Shubert (OH) conceived the idea of COSLA during an afternoon break at the meeting.  They were standing under the stoop at the Capitol Hill Hotel (now disappeared into a parking lot) during a quiet rain.  They identified officers and the general plan and then discussed the ideas with other state librarians later in the day and evening.  In honor of the occasion, a celebratory reception and dinner for current members, past members and guests was held on the Savannah River Queen on Monday, October 28th in Savannah, Georgia.  A program providing the history of COSLA as well as testimonials from many past members was enjoyed by everyone at the event.  COSLA was pleased to have 25 past COSLA members join the celebration along with the 44 states represented at the meeting.

To read more, download this PDF press release from COSLA – COSLA Celebrates 40 Years of Success (pdf)

2 Responses to “COSLA Celebrates 40 Years of Success; Plans for Future”

  1. Ilka Esteva says:


    A few months ago I went in a cruise to Alaska and had the chance to visit Haines Borough Public Library. Even though I went for the internet, I was pleased to see the wonderful organization and the facilities for children. A girl went by herself to hand over a film that she had already watch . She was so polite and well behave! It was obvious that she was familiarized with the different options that you offer for them.

    I was also impressed when a local told me that the library was built as a result of a community effort. The lady showed a meaningful mix of humbleness and pride.

    I think that it deserved the Best Small Library in America 2005 Award!!!:

    Ilka Esteva, Puerto Rico

  2. Cal Shepard says:

    As the COSLA representative serving on the ARSL Board I would like to say thanks! COSLA has high esteem for ARSL and the great work that you do. We are happy to be partners with you and look forward to even more collaborative ventures in the future!

    Cal Shepard
    State Librarian of North Carolina