#chatARSL – Twitter Chat 101

The Future is Now: Rural Library as Innovation Incubator was a webinar collaboration with WebJunction.  In case you missed it, the full archive of the webinar and learning guide are available.

We’d love to continue this conversation with you! Follow ARSL’s Twitter feed and participate in #chatARSL.  If you are new to Twitter or if you have never participated in a Twitter Chat, here are a few tips that will help you get started.

Twitter Chat 101

Q1: What is a Twitter Chat?

A1: When people use a specific hashtag (#) on Twitter to discuss a specific topic.

Q2: Why do you need to use a hashtag?

A2: The hashtag is a way to search and filter tweets that are part of a chat. The # symbols, letters and numbers are used.  For example, #chatARSL.

Q3: How can I get started?

A3: First, sign up for a free Twitter account at http://www.twitter.com.

Q4: Okay.  I have a Twitter account.  Now what?

A4: Follow ARSL on Twitter.  In the search box at the top of your Twitter homepage, type @RuralLibAssoc. Click Follow. This will allow you see all the posts from ARSL (@RuralLibAssoc) on your Twitter feed.

Q5: I’m following ARSL (@RuralLibAssoc) now. I’m ready to participate in the Twitter chat.  What’s next?

A5: In the search box, type our hashtag, #chatARSL. This will display all of the tweets so far in the conversation. You will be able to read the moderator’s questions and comments as well as everyone’s recent posts on the topic.  Feel free to jump right in!  The moderator will pose a question. To create a response, click on the blue square at the top right corner of the page.

Q6: I just typed my response.  Is there anything I should remember before I hit “Tweet”?

A6: Yes, a Twitter response (Tweet) can only be 140 characters.  And don’t forget it has to contain the hashtag #chatARSL so everyone participating in the conversation can see it.

Q7: I see the moderator’s questions.  How should I answer?

A7: Here’s an example (it’s very similar to the question and answer on this page)

     @RuralLibAssoc: “Welcome to #chatARSL! Q1:What was your favorite webinar in 2013? #chatARSL”

     @Your Tweet: “A1:I loved the webinar on the library programs on a budget. #chatARSL”

Q8: I did it!  Are there other ways to engage?

A8: Yes! You can reply to any participant’s tweets.  If someone says something you like, there’s a small “reply” button at the bottom of each tweet.  Don’t forget to include the hashtag #chatARSL!

Q9: What does Retweet mean?

A9: A Retweet is a way to re-post someone’s tweet.  It’s kind of like forwarding the tweet to share it with others.

We look forward to sharing innovative stories, ideas, and helpful tips!

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  1. Becky Heil says:

    Thanks for a great primer on how to use Twitter!