Board Agenda – Friday, March 21, 2014

Association for Rural and Small Libraries

Board of Directors Meeting

Friday, March 21, 2014

10:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Central


Step 1:  Dial in:  866-740-1260

Access Code: 5149183

Step 2: Web Login —


ARSL Mission Statement:

The Association for Rural & Small Libraries provides resources and support that empower those

in small and rural libraries to deliver excellent service for their communities




2 min.   I.          Welcome and Call to Order                                                                 Tena Hanson,

****** Start Meeting Recording******                                               President


3 min.   II.        Consent Agenda

    • Approve Minutes of January 17, 2014*/**
    • Current Financial Statements*/**
    • Member Services Committee Report     (Download)
    • Conference Planning Committee Report     (Download)
    • Partnerships  Committee Report     (Download)
    • Member Development Committee Report
    • Governance Committee Report
    • Finance Committee Report
    • Executive Committee Report     (Download)
    • President’s Report     (Download)



5 min.   III.       Verbal Committee Reports if Pulled from Consent Agenda

  •  Member Services CE update


10 min. IV        President’s Report            (Download)                                                            Tena


  • Discuss follow-up actions to Membership Vote to Approve New Mission Statement
  • Reminder of DropBox storage changes (deleting docs from Board Meeting Folder following meeting)
  • Discuss Volunteer Application Process
  • Discuss potential partnership with Peter Pearson ( on future IMLS grant proposal



10 min. IV.       Approval of ARSL Student Chapter Policy & Application*/** Tena




10 min. V.        Approve SHLB Involvement*/**                                                         Tena


  • Organizational Membership
  • ARSL Representative Conference Attendance
  • Potential ARSL Panel Presenter
  • Gigabit Libraries Network
  • Potential for SHLB Speaker at ARSL Conference in September


5 min.   VI.       Governance Committee                                                           Paul Healey, Chair


  • Approval of Policy on Member Conduct at Board Meetings*/**
  • Review and solicit feedback on DRAFT revised policy on Partnerships*/**



5 min.   VII.      Approval of Investment Policy*/**                                          Mary Stenger,




5 min. VIII.    US Fire Administration MOA*/**                                           Tena

5 min. IX.       Consider Texas Library Association Affiliate Application        Gail Sheldon, Co-Chair


5 min. X.        Aspen Institute Dialogue on Public Libraries                           Tena and Donna




5 min. XI.          Nominating Committee Report                                                Andrea Berstler, Chair




5 min. XII.        Approve Proposed Emerging Leader Selection Process            Tena

(starts in April, Decision in July to meet ALA 9/1 deadline)








5 min. XIV.    Topics Identified for Board Work Session?



Next Board Meeting – Friday, May 16, 2014 — ReadyTalk



90 min.             ADJOURN BOARD MEETING


* Denotes Action Item

** Posted in DROP BOX

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