Board Minutes – Friday, January 17, 2014

Association for Rural and Small Libraries

Board of Directors Meeting

 Friday, January 17, 2014

10:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Central



ARSL Mission Statement:

The Mission of the Association for Rural & Small Libraries is to provide a network of people and materials to support rural and small library staff, volunteers and trustees to integrate the library thoroughly with the life and work of the community it serves.




Board Members Present: Beckett, Brice, Calhoun, Hanson, Hixon, Kofoot, Lewis, Peterson. Rippel. Sheldon, Shepard, Stenger, Watson

Board Members Absent: Berstler, Healey

Others Present: Lehn (Convener), Julie Elmore, Tracy Luscombe, Vicki Grimli


2 min.   I.          Welcome and Call to Order                                                                 Tena Hanson,                                  

Hanson called the meeting to order at about 10:33 AM                                        President        

3 min.   II.        Consent Agenda

  • Approve Minutes of November 22, 2013*/**
  • Current Financial Statements*/**
  • Member Services Committee Report
  • Conference Planning Committee Report
  • Partnerships  Committee Report
  • Member Development Committee Report – See Agenda Item # XI
  • Governance Committee Report – See Agenda Item # IX
  • Finance Committee Report
  • Executive Committee Report
  • President’s Report


A motion was made (Calhoun) and seconded (Watson) to accept the Consent Agenda without the Member Development Committee Report nor the Governance Committee Report: Motion Carried


5 min.   III.       Verbal Committee Reports if Pulled from Consent Agenda


                        No reports were given


10 min. IV.       Approval of ARSL Conference Locations through 2019*/**                Tena



New England was to be in 2015 but it has been switched with Arkansas which was to have been in 2016

Concerns were verbalized regarding capabilities of Utah’s transportation system

COSLA will be sponsoring the author luncheon, once again, at this year’s conference

North Dakota/Minnesota could fill in if plans fall through with other states in earlier years

 A motion was made (Brice) and seconded (Sheldon) to approve the upcoming conference locations: Arkansas (2015), New England: Vermont or Vermont/New Hampshire (2016), Utah (2017), Illinois (2018), North Dakota/Minnesota (2019): Motion Carried


5 min.   V.        Proposal for an ARSL Student Chapter                                               Tena


The Governance, Member Services and Member Development committees will be working on this item


5 min.   VI.       Opportunity for Shared Booth at South by Southwest Interactive*      Tena



This would be good exposure for ARSL

South by Southwest will be held in Austin, TX on 7 – 16 March 2014

                        We could send someone to represent ARSL or we could send information in a print or digital

format for display


A motion was made (Stenger) and seconded (Hixon) to send information about ARSL, in a digital format, for display at the 2014 South by Southwest Conference: Motion Carried


5 min.   VII.      Approval of Investment Policy*/**                                                      Mary Stenger,



Funds will be divided into long term and short term (for operating)

                        A meeting will be held with the management team and the investment consultant

                        Periodic reviews will be built in and carried out by the finance committee

Board members are asked to review the policy draft and give feedback to Stenger

Hanson will meet with AMR and pass questions along to Stenger


10 min. VIII.    Partnerships Committee                                              Cal Shepard/Gail Sheldon,

Partnerships Committee Co-Chairs

Old Business


  1. Request review and approval of membership categories revised to incorporate feedback from November board meeting */**


This document can be found in Dropbox


  1. Solicit feedback on Membership categories and Benefits document**


This document can be found in Dropbox


A motion was made (Hixon) and seconded (Stenger) to approve the categories and fees with the addition of compensation for Affiliate Members in the form of a web link on the ARSL website: Motion Carried


New Business


  1. Review and solicit feedback on DRAFT revised policy on Partnerships** (Currently in front of Governance committee.)


Hanson will check with the Governance Committee on the status of this policy




5 min. IX.        Governance Committee                                                           Paul Healey, Chair


                        The Governance Committee report was tabled


  • Approval of Policy on Member Conduct at Board Meetings*/**


Hanson gave the board some background information and reported that a draft is ready,

however it is based on live meetings so it will have to be customized for online meetings


10 min. X.        Library Juice MOU*/**                                                                       Tameca Beckett,                                                                                                                                  Member Services Co-Chair

                        Rippel and Beckett reported:

Library Juice offers 4 week long asynchronous courses that include approximately 15 hours of content

Courses are taken at one’s own pace over an approximate period of 8 months with 1.5 CEUs being award upon completion

The cost of a course is usually $175.00 with a 25% discount for ARSL members should the agreement be approved

There is a possibility of scholarships and document downloads but nothing has been firmed up for this agreement

Frequency of promotion on the ARSL electronic list would be up to the board


This would be a way to promote an additional CE opportunity

Care should be taken not to over expose members to advertising

A benefits checklist would help to vet this type of offer

A trial period would be beneficial

Would the Library Juice offerings appeal to small and rural libraries

Should we accept this offer while working on criteria for this and similar offers

Is Library Juice and ARSL business member

A motion was made (Stenger) and seconded (Sheldon) to table this decision until more information can be gathered: Motion Carried


10 min. XI.      Membership Development Committee                                     Lisa Lewis, Chair


  • ARSL Brochure changes, numbers to be printed and vendor choice*/**


The brochure is in Dropbox

The brochure needs to be changed to reflect ARSL’s new mission statement which must first be approved by a vote of the members

The vision statement, volunteer opportunities and affiliate categories also need to be added

Wording changes, summarization and addition of information are yet to be completed

AMR is checking into printing companies

There are 299 brochures remaining from the 4,000 printed 2 years ago

4,000 will be printed again this time


A motion was made (Shepard) and seconded (Brice) to allow Lewis to proceed with the printing of the brochures within the budgeted amount considering that the printing will wait until the mission statement has been approved by the membership and adding the affiliate information to the membership categories: Motion Carried





Vicki Grimli of Minnesota and from the Ortonville/Graceville/Kerkhoven public library system commented that she is working on the North Dakota/Minnesota conference proposal



5 min. XIII.    Topics Identified for Board Work Session?




                        Library Juice

                        Member Vote Regarding Mission Statement


Next Board Meeting – Friday, March 21, 2014 — ReadyTalk



90 min.             ADJOURN BOARD MEETING


                        The meeting was adjourned by Hanson at about 11:51 AM


                        Respectfully submitted,


                        Jet Kofoot, Secretary

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