Library Director – Lake Elmo, MN

Today’s Date: 07/01/2014

Job Closing Date: 07/18/2014

Job Title: Librarian/Library Director

Anticipated hours per week: Full Time

Institution Lake Elmo Public Library

Library Location: Lake Elmo, Minnesota

Website (if applicable):

Duties / Job description: POSITION: Librarian/Library Director of the Lake Elmo Public Library, Lake Elmo, Minnesota.

Start date for the position: immediately upon acceptance by the Library Board.

SUMMARY OF POSITION: This full-time position involves hands-on day-to-day management of the Lake Elmo Public Library under the direction of the library board.

Collaborate with the Finance Committee to:
• Keep accurate records of expenditures and income from donations and other sources.
• Manage library funds and budget
Collaborate with the Collection Committee to:
• Manage and organize collections
Collaborate with the Outreach Committee to:
• Plan programs and activities
• Promote library services by speaking to community groups, including schools and business
Collaborate with the Facility Committee:
• Plan for facility needs
Collaborate with the Personnel Committee to:
• Train and supervise volunteers and staff
Collaborate with the board and:
• Prepare written reports for the Lake Elmo Public Library Board meetings
• Attend all open library board meetings
• Advise the board about the need for professional memberships and continuing education seminars and workshops for updating skills
• Inform and advise the library board about local, regional, state and national developments in the library field
In addition:
• Work directly with patrons in the library and at the circulation desk, including reference services
• Maintain positive relations with patrons and users of the library rooms
• Keep statistics for required Minnesota annual reporting and prepare report in accordance with state guidelines
• Maintain communications with other libraries in the area
• Prepare grant applications when opportunities are offered
Essential Knowledge and Skills:
• Ability to supervise personnel
• Ability to communicate ideas and information in both verbal and written forms
• Ability to organize, maintain records, plan and direct services
• Ability to understand financial operations and plan budgets
• Ability to understand and operate library equipment, including printer/copier, fax, computer, Nooks, Kindles, and other electronic reading devices
• Ability to maintain records on electronic databases, including KOHA and Excel
• Ability to install and update electronic equipment as needed
• Knowledge of Internet resources and navigation
• Ability to work with volunteers and community in a pleasant and respectful manner
• Ability to learn new processes and procedures
• Ability to analyze and implement library programs
• Ability to perform arithmetic
Library resources, hand carts and hand trucks, step stools, ladders, basic audio/video and computer equipment, general office equipment and machines, library systems including check in and out systems, surveillance systems
Full-time salary with some extended hours, evenings, and weekends
Mainly indoor work, low hazard environment, frequent work with the public, staff and volunteers
PHYSICAL DEMANDS: can involve, but not limited to:

Physical dexterity
• Frequently sit, stand, walk or move about inside on uneven and elevated flooring
• Occasionally lift and carry objects or materials that may be up to 20 pounds
• Push/pull objects 20 to 50 pounds using wheeled book cart
• Bend, squat, stoop, or kneel while working as low as ground level to access shelving or materials
• Occasionally climb & balance on ladders, step stools, or stairs

Manual dexterity
• Frequently stretch, reach, handle, and grasp materials
• Use hands, fingers, and arms to safely operate equipment
• Load/unload materials, turn pages of books, type

See, Read, Smell, and Hear
• Read and understand English language in written information, instructions, and safety warnings in all forms, including handwritten, hard copy, and electronic formats
• Smell and feel in order to identify damaged materials
• See near, far with depth of vision
• See colors for designing web pages and presentations
• Speak and be heard at normal ranges
• Hear at normal ranges
SUPERVISION RECEIVED: Direction and evaluations are done by Personnel Committee of the Lake Elmo Library Board. Evaluations are to be based on stated areas of the job description with added specific duties.

SUPERVISION EXERCISED: Daily coordination of volunteer and staff duties

Send resume with at least three references. In your cover letter, state why you want to work at the Lake Elmo Public Library.

Send resumes to by 12:00 p.m. CDT, July 18, 2014. Inquiries received at the same address.

Qualifications: Qualifications:
Minimum: Master of Library Science (MLS) or equivalent degree in library science with at least five years experience in all aspects of librarianship

Will out of state candidates be considered? Yes

Salary Range: $40,000-$50,000

How to apply? Send resume with at least three references. In your cover letter, state why you want to work at the Lake Elmo Public Library.

Send resumes to by 12:00 p.m. CDT, July 18, 2014. Inquiries received at the same address.

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