FAQs – 2013 ARSL Conference

Q: I thought parking was free, but saw a mention of a $7 fee (or a $10 fee) on the hotel site when I made my reservation.

A: The DoubleTree has verified that our attendees (whether staying at the conference hotel, or driving in just for a day of sessions) will receive free parking passes.

A:  The Hilton Garden Inn does NOT offer free parking, and does indeed charge $10 / night.

A:  The Magnolia does NOT offer free parking, and does indeed charge $10 / night.


Q: I signed up for membership, but don’t see the early bird member rate when I go to register for the conference.

A: Good for you for figuring out that membership pays for itself (and then some!) through the conference discount. Did you select the check/invoice option for payment of your membership? If so, even when you’re logged in as a member, that discounted rate won’t show until your membership check arrives at our offices. Early bird member rate is $235 for the full conference and non-member is $300. If you are afraid your chosen pre-conference or tour will fill quickly, pay your membership ($9-$49, depending on your level) with a credit card, and then you will see the discount for the conference right away (and can choose the check/invoice option for your registration).


Q: I already registered for conference, but now I want to sign up for a special event (pre-conference, author event or tour). Can I still do that?

A: You’ll notice we’ve added an option within the “General Attendee Registration” area where an individual can select a “workshop or tour only” option. This option will allow someone to register for pre-conference/tour without registering for the full conference and will also allow for someone to come back at a later date to add on a pre-conference/tour if they’ve registered for the main conference previously. This is also a good option if you’ve brought along a guest who is not attending conference, but would like to attend a tour!


Q:I know people in the Omaha area who would love to hear Craig Johnson speak at the author luncheon, but won’t be attending the full conference. Can I invite them?

A: Certainly! This year, we are selling tickets to the author luncheon separately ($40 each) for those who are not attending conference. Tickets to this event are included for those registered for either the full conference, the meal-only registration, or for Friday only.


Q: I plan to come early and/or stay beyond the conference dates while in Omaha, but the hotel reservation system isn’t giving me the conference rate. What should I do?

A: If you’re debating about whether to come early or stay late when you make travel plans to attend the 2013 ARSL Conference in Omaha, NE, we advise you to come early! It so happens that a major event (River City Rodeo) is taking place the weekend that our conference concludes, making rooms scarce the night of Saturday, September 28th. As follows is some advice:

Our contract covers our guests under this rate during conference, as available (please note that rooms may be sold out — all over town — Saturday night).

Our first two hotels are out of rooms on the conference block, though you might be able to get a room at their regular (higher) rates.

Please note that if you choose to pay for your room in advance, Hilton policy does not allow refunds. Make sure you’ve mentioned that you’re a guest of our conference and that you’re receiving the conference rate before doing so.

If you continue to have difficulty, it could be that our room block has filled on a night you’ve requested. You are welcome to contact Tena Hanson (Co-Conference Chair and hotel liaison) with questions via email at thansonlibrarian@gmail.com. She can find out how our block is doing and let you know if we are able to expand it and get you in under the conference rate.