Board Agenda – Sept. 6 & 7, 2014

The Association for Rural & Small Libraries, Inc.

Board Meeting and Annual Planning Retreat
Saturday & Sunday, September 6 & 7, 2014 – Tacoma, Washington
LOCATION: The Gallery

ARSL Mission:    The mission of the Association for Rural and Small Libraries is to provide a network of people and materials to support rural and small library staff, volunteers and trustees to integrate the library thoroughly with the life and work of the community it serves.

Meeting Goals:

  • Get to know each other and develop norms for our work together
  • Review ARSL’s Strategic Plan and Organizational Assessment Report and develop action plans toward it for 2015
  • Transact some ARSL business
  • Leave energized and enthused with clear direction and plans for the year ahead!


Saturday, September 6

12:30 p.m.  Lunch for board members + convener (in The Gallery)


1:00            Welcome                                                                                     Donna Brice, President


  • Meeting Goals
  • Review Agenda
  • Review Updated Org. Chart
  • Self-Introductions – Team-Building!! – Tell us about skills you have that you can share to help ARSL



1:30             Retiring Board President’s Comments                                    Tena Hanson,

                                                                                                                        Immediate Past President

–        Proudest Accomplishments

–        What Could Have Gone Better

–        Recommendations for the incoming president



1:45             Incoming President’s Comments                                              Donna Brice


–        What I hope to accomplish

–        What I’ll need help with

–        Need for a convener



2:05                 History of & Orientation to ARSL                                      Carla Lehn, Convener


–        Brief History

–        Review Policies



2:15             Progress on 2014 Committee Workplans                                Committee Chairs


  • Membership Development Committee (5 min)           Lisa Lewis


  • Member Services Committee  (5 min)                         Tameca Beckett


  • Governance Committee (5 min)                                  Donna Brice


  • Conference Planning Committee (5 min)                   Carolyn Petersen


  • Nominating Committee (5 min)                                  Tena Hanson


  • Partnerships Committee (5 min)                                 Cal Shepard & Gail Sheldon


  • Marketing and Outreach Committee  (5 min)             Jet Kofoot & Kieran Hixon


  • Scholarships/Emerging Leader Committee (5 min)    Shirley Vonderhaar


  • Volunteer Coordinator Report (5 min.)                      Shirley Vonderhaar



3:00            BREAK



3:15            Update Strategic Plan                                                                           Carla


A.  Review Mission and “Objectives” – from By-Laws & the 8 “leaves” on the tree

B.  Review Current Strategic Goals

C.  Review Organization Chart

–        To see where the strategic goals fit into the structure

–        Review Committee Charges


D. Prioritize Tasks for 2015


Using 2014 Committee Workplans & discussion from today, identify 3 – 5 priorities for each committee for 2015 


  • Membership Development Committee
    • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Member Services Committee
    • Marketing / Communications / PR
  • Conference Planning Committee
    • Scholarship/Emerging Leader Committee
  • Governance Committee
    • Nominating Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Executive Committee
  • Partnerships Committee

6:00            ADJOURN FOR THE DAY    Dinner together

Sunday, September 7


8:00 a.m.         Plated breakfast for board members + convener (in The Gallery)



8:30 a.m.         Begin today by reviewing last night’s work – Does the Committee have direction and plans for 2015 workplan identified? Do you feel comfortable with your end result? Do you have everything you need to continue on the workplan?  Final version by November Board Meeting.



9:00                 Board Meeting – call to order


9:05                 Election                                                                                              Donna Brice, President


  • Elect Secretary* (Jet Kofoot has agreed)
  • Elect Treasurer* (Mary Stenger has agreed)


9:10                 Consent Agenda:*

  • Approval of Minutes of July 18, 2014
  • Approval of 2014-2015 Organizational Chart
  • Approval of Available Committee Reports
  • Approval of email vote results

o   Joint Letter to House of Representatives

o   Awards

o   Form 990

o   Letter of Support for YALSA Grant


9:15                 Budget & Treasurer’s Report                                                          Mary Stenger,


  • Review Highlights
  • AUP Report
  • Investment Policy
  • Board Q & A


9:30                 President’s Report                                                                            Donna Brice  


  • Review AMR Relationship
      • What they do for ARSL
      • New Year Contract Procedure/Timeline
      • Interaction with AMR
      • ACTION REQUIRED: Approve 2015 AMR WorkPlan*/**


  • Review How We Work Together as a Board


      • Board Member & Committee Chair Position Descriptions
      • Brainstorm Guidelines for our Work Together as a Board
        • Dropbox
        • Website responsibilities / training


  • ACTION REQUIRED: Two Insurance Issues
        • Approve Directors Officers Liability Policy*/**
        • General Liability Insurance – (review each year at this meeting)*/**


  • Go over Board and Committee meeting schedule for the year


10:15               Past President’s Report                                                                    Tena Hanson


  • Emerging Leader
  • E-Rate/Broadband Update


10:30               2015 Conference Committee                                                            Judy Calhoun, Chair


  • Little Rock Hotel Contract*/**
  • MOU with Arkansas State Library */**
  • MOU with Arkansas Library Association */**



10:45               Governance Committee Report                                                       Donna Brice


  • Annual report on Review of By-Laws – No Needed Revisions


11:00               Committees meet


  • Discuss next steps
  • Discuss budget needs – Treasurer will contact you within a month re: your committee’s budget needs, so that draft budget can be shared at next Board meeting
  • Schedule first committee meeting

o   Create a timeline of work that prepares for each board meeting this year



11:45                PUBLIC COMMENT




11:55                    Thanks and Safe Travels!                                                                Donna Brice




NOON            ADJOURN




Next Board Meeting – Friday, November 21, 2014, 11:30 am – 1:00 pm Eastern Time via ReadyTalk




* Denotes Action Item

** Posted in Dropbox


Board Minutes – Friday, July 18, 2014 – Draft

Association for Rural and Small Libraries

Board of Directors Meeting

Friday, July 18, 2014

10:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Central



Mission Statement:

The Association for Rural & Small Libraries provides resources and support that empower those

in small and rural libraries to deliver excellent service for their communities


Board Members Present: Beckett, Brice, Calhoun, Hanson, Healey, Hixon, Kofoot, Lewis, Peterson, Rippel, Sheldon, Shepard, Watson

Board Members Absent: Berstler, Stenger

Others Present: Carla Lehn – convener, Kevin Tomlinson – incoming board member, Julie Elmore, Director – Oakland City – Columbia Twp. Public Library

2 min.   I.          Welcome and Call to Order Tena Hanson, President

Hanson called the meeting to order at 10:32 AM Central time

3 min.   II.        Consent Agenda

  • Approve Minutes of May 16, 2014*/**
  • Current Financial Statements*/**
  • Member Services Committee Report Unavailable
  • Conference Planning Committee Report
  • Partnerships  Committee Report
  • Member Development Committee Report
  • Governance Committee Report Unavailable
  • Finance Committee Report
  • Executive Committee Report
  • President’s Report

A motion was made by Brice and seconded by Calhoun to accept the Consent Agenda excluding the unavailable Member Services Committee and Governance Committee reports: Motion Carried

5 min.III.       Verbal Committee Reports if Pulled from Consent Agenda

There were no verbal reports

10 min.IV.       President’s Report Tena Hanson

  • StoryCorps Update

Communication with the StoryCorps group had been turned over to Calhoun (chair of the 2015 conference). There may be a possibility of a pre or post conference with them in Arkansas

  • Things to be voted on at Membership Meeting at Conference

No bylaws changes needed

Conference chairs should notify Hanson of anything that needs to be brought up at the conference business meeting

Committee chairs were reminded to have year-end reports to Brice before the 18 August printing date to include in the conference packet

  • Strategic Plan Tracking

Hanson has been in contact with committee chairs regarding items remaining on work plans for this year

There will also be time at the annual board meeting in Tacoma to review these items

Some committees are working to complete items to submit for action at the September/November meeting(s)

  • Results of ALA Speed Test vote

ALA Speed Test Votes

In favor: Sheldon, Hixon, Lewis, Shepherd, Stenger, Peterson, Watson, Rippel, Healey, Calhoun

Opposed: None

Abstained: None

Other board members were unavailable to reply by the deadline

  • Results of ALA Joint Letter vote

ALA Joint Letter Votes

In favor: Hixon, Beckett, Healey, Berstler, Brice, Calhoun, Peterson, Rippel

Opposed: None

Abstained: Stenger

All other board members were unavailable to reply by the deadline

10 min.  V.        Vice President/President Elect Report Donna Brice


  • Approval of ARSL Annual Report*/**

Recommended changes have been made

File in Dropbox for review

Mission and vision statements are included together

Just before printing updated charts for growth and financial numbers will be added

Will be ready for conference

1000 copies will be printed by Accuprint at a cost of $206.00

A motion was made by Lewis and seconded by Kofoot to authorize Brice to proceed with printing the annual report with the inclusion of the updated charts: Motion Carried

  • Board Orientation Information

Will be held online 5 August at 3:00 PM Central time for new board members

Current board members are encouraged to attend if they would like to do so

Topics currently planned for the orientation include: board job descriptions, history of the organization, goals & objectives, overall structure: strategic plan/work plans/committee charges, committee structure including responsibilities, financial structure/conference meeting structure

Additional topics for consideration should be submitted to Brice

5 min.   VI.       Treasurer’s Report   Mary Stenger, Treasurer

  • Consideration of implementation of Investment Policy*/**

Stenger was unable to attend meeting so Hanson summarized Stenger’s recommendation that the board wait until after the conference to invest funds to be sure that all conference costs have been covered

The consensus of the board was to follow Stenger’s recommendation

This item was tabled

10 min.VII.     Online Meeting Task Force Report*/**  Becky Heil, Chair

Item tabled to give Heil time to contact vendors

10 min.VIII.   Partnerships Committee Report Cal Shepard, Gail Sheldon, Co-Chairs

Information has been sent to affiliates regarding a meeting at conference

Affiliates have also be asked what they would like at the affiliates table at conference

A letter is being sent to COSLA encouraging state library memberships

  • Review/approve new non-member “Partner” category along

with the following DRAFT Documents:*/**

o   Membership categories with mutual benefits

o   DRAFT letter to groups interested in partnering


Documents in Dropbox reviewed by Sheldon

After discussion a motion was made by Brice and seconded by Beckett to approve the membership categories as well as the mutual benefits and letter to groups interested in partnering with the inclusion of a statement  that indicates requests should be vetted by the partnership committee: Motion Carried


5 min.IX.         Scholarship Committee Shirley Vonderhaar, Chair

  • Review/Approve Recommendation for Emerging Leader Candidate*/**

Documents in Dropbox reviewed by Hanson

A motion was made by Calhoun and seconded by Lewis to approve the Scholarship Committees recommendation: Motion Carried

10 min.  X.        Membership Development Committee Lisa Lewis, Chair

The committee updating key contacts

A key contact is still needed in Hawaii

Once printed brochures will be delivered to Tacoma for the conference

  • Review/Approve Proposed additional information for ARSL brochure*/**

Documents in Dropbox reviewed by Lewis

A motion was made by Brice and seconded by Sheldon to approve the updated brochure draft: Motion Carried

5 min.XI.        Nominating Committee Report Andrea Berstler, Chair

  • 2014 Election Results**

Vice President/President-Elect:

Lisa Lewis, Library Operations Supervisor, Safford City/Graham County Library, Safford, Arizona

Member at Large Candidates – Elected:

Susan Hughes – Administrator, Panhandle Public Library Cooperative System, Marianna, Florida

Amy Marshall – Director, the Craig Public Library, Craig, Alaska

Kevin Tomlinson – Library Consultant, Idaho Commission for Libraries, Boise, Idaho

Kevin Tomlinson was recognized at this time as he attended today’s meeting

10 min.XI.      Conference Updates 

  • Tacoma Conference  Carolyn Petersen, Chair

Nearly 300 registrations have been received so far – this is in line with the same timeframe last year

There are 47 speakers scheduled

Pre-conferences are filling with the exception of the Kids Lit program but it is soon to be promoted by the marketing committee which will hopefully improve the registration

Airport shuttle information will be promoted by Peterson

Peterson suggested the conference or parts of it could be streamed next year as she looked into it this year but did not have the budget to make it a reality


  • Arkansas Conference  Judy Calhoun, Chair

Tentative conference dates 29 September – 3 October

The conference hotel is being completely renovated and will be like new for the 2015 conference

Calhoun is working with the Arkansas Library Association on plans for possible back to back conferences, mutual conference promotion and possible post/preconference joining the two conferences

Possible receptions and/or tours are being considered for the Clinton Presidential Library, historical post office building library, Hillary Clinton Children’s Library


Elmore asked if Utah is still on the conference schedule – Yes 2017

Lehn alerted committee chairs to have agenda items for the next meeting in by the end of July as she will be

going on vacation

Peterson asked that board members submit updated personal slides for the conference by 15 August otherwise

slides from last year will be used for the slideshow running during large group events

Thank you to Hanson on this her last board meeting as president

Elmore would like pictures of authors at previous conferences for throw back Thursday promotion

5 min. XIV.    Topics Identified for Board Work Session?

Meeting platforms

Items as they arise

Next Board Meeting – Saturday and Sunday, September 6 & 7, 2014 – Tacoma, Washington

10 min.                        ADJOURN BOARD MEETING


A motion was made by Sheldon and seconded by Peterson to adjourn the meeting: Motion Carried

The meeting was adjourned by Hanson at 11:41 AM Central time


                        Respectfully submitted,


                        Jet Kofoot, Secretary

Board Minutes – Friday, May 16, 2014 – Approved

Association for Rural and Small Libraries
Board of Directors Meeting
Friday, May 16, 2014
10:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Central

ARSL Mission Statement:

The Association for Rural & Small Libraries provides resources and support that empower those
in small and rural libraries to deliver excellent service for their communities


Board Members Present: Hanson, Shepard, Brice, Sheldon, Calhoun, Hixon, Berstler, Healey & Lewis.
Board Members Absent: Beckett, Kofoot (ill), Petersen, Rippel, Watson
Others Present: Juan Lee, Mary Broadhurst & Carla Lehn

I. Welcome and Call to Order

Tena Hanson called the meeting to order and welcomed those present at 10:32 am Central.

II. Consent Agenda

  • Approve Minutes of March 21, 2014*/**
  • Current Financial Statements*/**
  • Member Services Committee Report
  • Conference Planning Committee Report
  • Partnerships Committee Report
  • Member Development Committee Report
  • Governance Committee Report
  • Finance Committee Report
  • Executive Committee Report
  • President’s Report

Moved, Berstler, and seconded, Stenger, to accept the Consent Agenda with the exception of Member
Services, Member Development and Governance Committee reports which were absent from DropBox.

III. Verbal Committee Reports if Pulled from Consent Agenda


IV. Vice President/President-Elect’s Report

  • Aspen Institute Meeting

Donna Brice reported on this call, and how great it is for ARSL to have a voice in this
project. A document in DropBox summarizes what was discussed.

  • SHLB Meeting & TVWS Proposal

SHLB has been meeting with the FCC and just put out a statement recognizing the
unlicensed spectrum, “TV White Space,” (TVWS) which refers to a frequency between TV
channels. The TVWS signal provides an opportunity for libraries to expand wireless
capabilities within their buildings and in surrounding areas. Cal added that there would be
a one-time fee for equipment, and no on-going fee after that. The FCC will be offering
discounted access when they roll it out. Libraries are interested in testing it. While there is
still a lot to be discovered about this, it is an interesting concept that may help expand
internet to our communities. Not clear yet what the impact would be on E-Rate, and the
FCC doesn’t have its rules ready yet. Tena mentioned that SHLB would like to meet with
any ARSL board members attending ALA to discuss this more. Please let Tena know if you
are attending ALA.

  • Research Institute for Public Libraries, Advisory Team

Donna and Kieran are on this team as advisors for a 3-day Institute that’s being developed
for public library directors for 2015. Kieran mentioned that this is a project of the Library
Research Service of the Colorado State Library. He believes the goal of the Institute is to
help libraries use statistics in a good way – through both data and narrative. He and
Donna are available for questions or input, and Donna said there’s more information in her
Vice President’s report in DropBox.

  • Tena comments on how great it is that ARSL is being asked to be represented in these important projects.

V. Approval of ARSL Student Chapter University of Washington*/** Donna

  • Donna reported that we will not be voting on this today as planned. Using UW’s timeline, this will come to the Board for approval this fall after these issues are resolved:
  • The students want the name of their chapter to be “sARSL,” as this is the naming convention used at UW. We need it changed to “University of Washington ARSL Student Chapter.” This wording protects ARSL legally, showing they are a University association, not actually a part of ARSL itself.
  • We also require members of a student chapter to be members of ARSL. UW won’t force students to join ARSL. Current discussion revolves around Chapter officers being ARSL Members. Tena suggests this be run past the attorney AMR provided
  • Also, the student chapter has no by-laws. They just voted to use ARSL’s by-laws. This is not sufficient, they will need their own by-laws.
  • The students also had a question about benefits of Membership. Tena noted that ARSL  student member dues are $9/year, and they like other ARSL members receive a 20% discount on the Conference. For this year, that is a $65 savings.

VI. Online Meeting Task Force Report*/**

Tena reported that Becky had a conflict with our meeting today, so this will be placed on the July

VII. Partnerships Committee Report

  • Proposed new “Friends” non-member category*/**

Cal reported that this is a response to Tena’s request earlier in the year, regarding how to deal with the multitude of requests ARSL gets from outside organizations to work with us. This is evidence of ARSL’s growing stature both within and outside of the library community. The Partnership Committee proposes creating a new non-member category to allow ARSL to work with non-library organizations who just want to get word out to small and rural libraries about something, and aren’t necessarily looking for a long term relationship. An example is the recent discussion about the summer meals programs. The goal would be to create a standard process that is used whenever an organizational request comes in. They would be provided with the 3 Membership options, and with this non-member option, and be asked to select. Benefits of the non-member option would be to have a “Community Bulletin Board” on ARSL’s website where information will be posted for interested members. It would not be an endorsement by ARSL, and will require some level of scrutiny by the Partnerships Committee. Cal and Gail asked for input for further development of this idea, and issues raised are summarized below:

    • Reserve the Non-Member category for non-profit and public entities. For profits would use the Business Membership category.
    • Require a word limit on what could be posted on the Community Bulletin Board – Organization name, logo and XX words.
    • Assign an “expiration date” to each thing that is posted on the Community Bulletin Board, and process to ensure things don’t stay posted indefinitely.
    • Partnerships screen each request for compatibility with ARSL mission.
    • Is Friends the right name?

A discussion then ensued about how the process would work in situations where the potential partner is asking us to represent ARSL on a project of interest to our members – i.e., SHLB, Aspen Institute, ALA committees. Tena suggested that between now and the next meeting, the Partnerships and Governance Committees will work on policy development that would include how these requests will be handled, and the appointment of ARSL Board members to serve as ARSL liaisons to external organizations.

  • US Fire Administration MOA*/**

This organization is one that is requesting us to distribute their materials to our members. Cal suggested that we use them as a pilot organization for testing out the new non-member organizational status and the “Community Bulleting Board” concept.

Moved, Berstler, Seconded Stenger. MOTION CARRIED

VIII. Nominating Committee Report Andrea Berstler, Chair

  • Proposed Slate for the 2014 Election*/**

Andrea announced there are 3 Member at Large seats coming vacant – hers, Chris Rippel’s and Paul Healey’s. The nominating committee selected 5 candidates to be voted on by the Membership. Also, Lisa Lewis has agreed to be nominated for Vice President/President-Elect.

MOTION CARRIED to accept the Slate as presented.

While it was initially thought that Cal Shepard would be leaving her term as COSLA representative to the Board, Donna announced that Cal has agreed to stay on at least until Fall. Andrea pointed out that’s fine, as that position is appointed by the Executive Committee and doesn’t have to coincide with the election.

Mary asked about Secretary and Treasurer positions. Andrea shared that those are not elected by the membership, but are elected by the Board at its meeting at the Conference. The incoming President identifies and talks to those she would like to ask to take those positions in advance.

IX. Potential Story Corps Partnership*/** Tena Hanson, President

Tena reported that she had been contacted regarding the ALA/Story Corps partnership grant from IMLS. They found in the pilot year of the project that the stories, needs and perspectives of small and rural libraries were very compelling and they want to do more in the coming year. They want ARSL to assist in finding libraries for them to work with, and to present at ARSL’s 2015 conference in Arkansas. A meeting will be scheduled in the near future, and the Board will be asked to approve participation at a future meeting.


Donna announced that she has been accepted as one of 200 community representatives for the Digital Public Library of America.
Judy announced that because someone from the Arkansas State Library attended our conference in Omaha, they will be bringing two of the workshops they saw there to Arkansas for library continuing education. One of the presenters is our own Chris Rippel.
Donna announced that progress is being made on our ARSL’s Annual Report.

XI. Topics Identified for Board Work Session?

Partnerships and Governance Committees will work on policy development that would include how partnership requests from outside organizations will be handled, and the appointment of ARSL Board members to serve as ARSL liaisons to external organizations.

Next Board Meeting – Friday, July 18, 2014 — ReadyTalk
BOARD MEETING adjourned at 11:40 am Central time.

2015 Conference Dates

The 2015 ARSL Conference will be held October 1st – 3rd in Little Rock, Arkansas!

Join us for a rocking good time.

Library Director – Richfield City, UT

Today’s Date: 10/08/2014

Job Closing Date: 10/20/2014

Job Title: Richfield City Library Director

Anticipated hours per week: Full Time

Institution Richfield City Library

Library Location: Richfield, Utah

Website (if applicable):

Duties / Job description: Richfield City is accepting applications for a City Library Director. This position is responsible for a variety of professional and administrative duties in planning, implementing and directing Richfield City library services. This position works under the broad policy guidance and direction of the Richfield Library Board and the State Library Board. Provides general guidance and direction to Assistant Librarian(s), clerks, and volunteer workers and must be able to work well with others and the public in resolving disputes and complaints.

Qualifications: Qualifications and requirements include: Graduation from college with an associate degree in Library Science; and five (5) years of library experience; or an equivalent combination of education and experience.

Will out of state candidates be considered? Yes

Salary Range: Starting salary range is $33,952 to $36,370

How to apply? Applications, resumes and at least three (3) references are required. Applications and a full job description may be obtained at the Workforce Services Office located at 115 East 100 South in Richfield, Utah, or at Applicants must pass a comprehensive background and reference check. Valid Utah Drivers License is required within 30 days of hire date. The City offers a competitive salary and benefit package. Applications will be accepted until 5:00 p.m. on October 20, 2014. EOE

To post job openings, please see Job Submissions.

Children’s Services Coordinator – Chippewa Falls, WI

Today’s Date: 09/26/2014

Job Closing Date: 10/13/2014

Job Title: Children’s Services Coordinator

Anticipated hours per week:

Institution Chippewa Falls Public Library

Library Location: Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin

Website (if applicable):

Duties / Job description: Children’s Services Coordinator. Chippewa Falls Public Library has an immediate opening for a full time (40 hours weekly) Children’s Services Coordinator.

Under supervision of the Library Director, the Children’s services coordinator will provide services, programming and outreach, and reader’s advisory to children, their parents, teachers, and caregivers; create and maintain press releases and outcome statistics for same; and help develop departmental policies and procedures, in accordance with the library’s stated mission.

For more information:

Qualifications: The individual must have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in Library Information Studies or Media Specialist’s Certification and at least two years library experience, a thorough working knowledge of generally accepted library practices, collection development, policy, procedure, and reader’s advisory along with excellent communication skills, and a strong working knowledge business machines, computers, office software, social media and websites.

Will out of state candidates be considered? Yes

Salary Range:

How to apply? A letter of application, resumes with three references will be accepted electronically until October 13 at 5pm. No phone calls, please.

Please send any questions or application materials via email to Virginia Roberts, Director at

To post job openings, please see Job Submissions.

Library Director – Chippewa Falls, WI

Today’s Date: 09/26/2014

Job Closing Date: 10/13/2014

Job Title: Library Director

Anticipated hours per week:

Institution Chippewa Falls Public Library

Library Location: Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin

Website (if applicable):

Duties / Job description: Library Director. The Chippewa Falls Public Library seeks a creative, and energetic leader with an open collaborative spirit to plan, direct and coordinate all library activities. Must have excellent communications skills, innovative approaches to organizing and problem solving and knowledge of library best practices, trends, budgeting and technology.

For more information:

Qualifications: Requirements: MLS/MLIS from ALA-accredited institution, minimum of three years of progressively responsible library administrative experience, and eligibility for a Grade I Wisconsin Library Certificate. Salary commensurate with education and experience.

Will out of state candidates be considered? Yes

Salary Range:

How to apply? Applications will be accepted until Monday, October 13 at 5:00 PM. No phone calls, please.

Please submit a letter of application, a detailed resume and the names of three references with contact information electronically only to Mary Ann King,President, Board of Trustees,

To post job openings, please see Job Submissions.

Library Director – Muskegon County, MI

Today’s Date: 09/27/2014

Job Closing Date: 10/12/2014

Job Title: Library Director

Anticipated hours per week: Full Time

Institution Muskegon Area District Library

Library Location: Muskegon County, MI

Website (if applicable):

Duties / Job description: Your adventure starts here! Make a difference on Western Michigan’s shoreline as the new Library Director for the Muskegon Area District Library (, headquartered in Muskegon (MI) County. The Library’s Board of Trustees seeks an innovative and experienced Director to implement an exciting vision for the library and its many constituencies. MADL serves 119,450 residents in 21 municipalities and townships. Governed by an eight-member Board of Trustees, the 10 library locations provide excellent services and programs with 50 staff (30.13 FTEs) and a $3 million annual budget. The Library is anticipating a levy renewal campaign to take place as early as 2015 and has a capital campaign in progress—expansion of the Norton Shores branch to create Storyville—a library project modeled after the innovative Baltimore County program and focusing on early childhood literacy in Muskegon County. MADL shares a catalog, resources and delivery system with other members of the Lakeland Library Cooperative.

The Muskegon area is located on the shore of Lake Michigan and is a popular destination with beautiful beaches, parks and lakes. Outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate the hiking and bike trails and other types of outdoor recreation for all seasons. Downtown Muskegon is experiencing resurgence in growth and renewal—including a thriving Farmer’s Market, the Frauenthal Center for the Performing Arts, the West Michigan Symphony Orchestra as well as the well-regarded Muskegon Museum of Art. Muskegon County is also home to the Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp, which has provided programs in the fine arts for students since 1966. Grand Rapids (MI) is only 30 minutes away and both Chicago and Detroit are only a few hours’ drive away. The cost of living is moderate with many lifestyle options—from urban condos to suburban single family homes to rural farms. For information about the Library, the Muskegon area and the community, visit Muskegon Links at

Responsibilities: Under the direction of the Library Board of Trustees, the Library Director develops, administers, supervises, and coordinates the work of the Library and staff, performs managerial duties related to personnel, budget, collection development, building maintenance, and library operations and services in conformity with Michigan State law and under the policies and strategic directions established by the Board of Trustees. Visit Library Director ( under Article VII of the Board By-Laws for additional details.

Qualifications: Minimum qualifications include a Master’s Degree in Library Science from an ALA-accredited program; five or more years of progressively responsible experience in the library field, including four years in an administrative position; and the ability to obtain and retain Michigan Certification Level 1. Essential attributes and skills include: excellent communication and organizational skills; the ability and desire to plan, develop, and administer the activities of a public library; supervisory experience; demonstrated ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with the Board, staff and community stakeholders; and an understanding and appreciation of public library best practices in the areas of intellectual freedom, collections, and library technologies. Successful experience as a library director reporting to a governing board, experience with a successful millage campaign and successful experience working in a union environment are highly desirable.

Will out of state candidates be considered? Yes

Salary Range: $78,000 – $90,000

How to apply? For further information contact Bradbury Associates/Gossage Sager Associates ( via email or telephone. To start the application process, send a meaningful cover letter and your resume to Dan Bradbury, or Jobeth Bradbury,, on or before the closing date of October 12, 2014.

To post job openings, please see Job Submissions.

Digital Experience Consultant – CO

Today’s Date: 09/21/2014

Job Closing Date: 10/13/2014

Job Title: Digital Experience Consultant

Anticipated hours per week: Full Time

Institution Colorado State Library

Library Location: Colorado

Website (if applicable):

Duties / Job description: George Orwell said in 1984, “Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing.” Replace the words “human minds” with “web resources” and you might just have found the opportunity of a lifetime. To tear common understanding apart and rebuild it in a way that reaches the library community in shapes and forms that they have not yet experienced. Do you think of the world in the form of wire frames and story boards? Do you enjoy planning web-based solutions? Revel in the nitty-gritty of web design while working with a smart, dedicated team of library professionals?

The Networking and Resource Sharing Division of the Colorado State Library is looking for someone who embodies these traits and the expertise necessary to work on user experience design, front-end website development, content management and strategy, and more.

If you’re ready to apply your skills toward shaping current and future online library services for the betterment of Colorado Libraries and humankind as a whole, then check out the details of this opportunity and apply by October 13th, 2014. What have you got to lose. In the words of another keen observer of human nature, Bugs Bunny, “Jumpin’ without a parachute? Kinda dangerous, ain’t it?” but think of the rush!

Whether your philosophies sway more to the Orwellian or the Bugsbunnian – we’d love to hear from you!

Find out more about the Digital Experience Consultant position at:
Qualifications: See for details

Will out of state candidates be considered? Yes

Salary Range: 57,000 – 62,000

How to apply? See for details

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Library Director – Shell Rock, IA

Today’s Date: 09/19/2014

Job Closing Date: 10/01/2014

Job Title: Library Director

Anticipated hours per week: Part Time

Institution Benny Gambaiani Public Library

Library Location: Shell Rock, IA

Website (if applicable):

Duties / Job description: To administer the Benny Gambaiani Public Library within the provisions of the Code of Iowa and the city of Shell Rock, Iowa. The Director works under the direction of the Library Board of Trustees.

Some specific tasks:
Plans and directs the work for the staff
Selects and purchases all Library materials
Handles all public relations
Keeps all records of financial data
Attends to all daily tasks for the efficient operation of the Library

Qualifications: High school diploma. Library experience preferred, but not required.

Will out of state candidates be considered? No

Salary Range: To be determined
How to apply? Send resume to Benny Gambaiani Public Library, P.O. Box 320; Shell Rock, IA 50670

To post job openings, please see Job Submissions.