2009 minutes

Minutes 4-20-09

Association for Rural and Small Libraries Board of Directors Meeting
Monday, April 20, 2009
10:00 a.m. – Noon Pacific; 11:00 a.m. – 1 p.m. Mountain; Noon – 2:00 p.m. Central; 1:00 – 3:00 p.m. Eastern
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Minutes submitted by Andrea Berstler
Present – Carla Lehn, Patty Hector, Andrea Berstler, Larry Grieco, Rose Chenoweth, Don Reynolds, Timothy Owens, Steve Seale, Lynette Sloan, Sonja Plummer-Morgan, Chrystie Hill.
Welcome and Call to Order
Rose welcomed Chrystie – gave the board a short introduction to Chrystie. “Chrystie Hill describes herself as a librarian, writer, community builder and professional Pollyanna. She runs ItGirlConsulting which helps libraries use online tools to build communities online. She is a 2007 LJ Mover and Shaker. Her blog is Libraries Build Communities. She is the Director of Community Services with WebJunction where she has worked since 2003.” Chrystie offered to answer questions.
Consent Agenda
Motion to approve consent agenda – Larry. Second – Timothy. Motioned carried – unanimous.
Executive Committee Report
Exec Committee met March 11, 2009 – most of the meeting was on the Conference Hotel Contract – it was approved & signed.
Don Reynolds gave a report on the status of the ARSL Logo– no word on this so far
Programs and Publications Committee Report
ARSL’s ALA Program – Description and Expenditures: Only for Passionate Librarians – Program for ALA – meeting for presenters planned for next week. Presentation is on Sat 7/11 3:30 – 5:30. As an affiliate member we must pay for all of our own equipment – needs to be added to the budget. Cost for Chicago will be high – projector etc. – equipment pricing as described in document – ALA & AV Equipment and Pricing PDF – on Google groups. Rose requested approval for equipment. – Rose motioned – Get an LCD projection, a screen and 2 mics – overall price $1100 to $1200. Steve offered to bring a projector to ALA program to reduce the cost. Amended motion – Rose is asking for funds to cover the cost of a screen and two mics with the understanding that we will be billed for labor and tax after the fact. Second – Larry. Vote taken – Unanimous approval
WJ website meeting results:
o WJ Blog * (Chrystie Hill) – Chrystie wanted to show a screen shot of the blog page but was unable to. Jim had some things started. This blog space is provided by WJ. Blog has old WJ brand. There are a few sample posts, but nothing with real content. The plan is to have several board members who would be posting to the blog regularly (weekly) to keep the blog simple and streamlined. Possible posters would include past and current president, pres elect, committee chairs for conference, marketing, membership and publications. Plan is to use this to get news out quickly.
o WJ Newsletter Update (Chrystie Hill) – The newsletter is to be an update to the rural and small library staff that have affiliated with community of practice on WJ – more than 6000 subscribed at this time. Use to connect to intentionally and regularly connect with this group. Since the rural library sustainability project has moved, the newsletter will be brought back. Is periodic; they will try to make bi-monthly if possible. Will take input from publications committee to insert a regular column so the ARSL board has a space to use to make sure that the WJ list is reached with information. To reach the WJ pub list, send information to Rose or Chrystie to be included in update.
Committee report is In Google Groups – -**PP326Minutes and BCR stats – Shown in a Spreadsheet that made the information helpful.
Conference Committee Report
Working on the meals – proposals are coming in for programs. Hope to have everything in by May 1. Committee – can we do Conference call on Thursday or Friday of this week? Questions? What is the status on deadlines? Still taking proposals due to deadline issues and ARSL BCR listserve. Due to delay in getting proposals up will take them through end of the week. A recommendation was made to use Crowspring.com to accept proposals for conference. Larry asked about table talks/poster sessions. May be added to idea fair but no information has been released for these yet. This information will be on the ARSL listserv.
Marketing and Partnerships Committee
Timothy Owens reported on National Bookmobile Day letter of support; this information & letter is posted on Google Groups. Timothy gave brief history of letter, and posted it on google groups.
CPSIA response – asked to prepare a letter, however there is behind the scenes work in Congress. Recommendation that we hold off letters for now but to create a “hot topics” section in WJ on this and on hard times in libraries.
COSLA letter – Sent to Susan Devay – president. Letter requests that members do 3 things 1: that each state library designate a rural library division/committee for ARSL 2: that they become institutional members and 3: that they support through scholarships they support attendance to the TN conference. Mailed April 1, 2009 (COSLA meets in May). Timothy will follow up. Conference committee will need to address that the conference purpose matches the 6 goals for MLIS/LSTA and also the state’s goals. Some of these programs are being cut at the state level.
Broadband statement – preparing a statement for small libraries. Ken was asked to draft a letter.
Membership Development Committee
Sonja Plummer Morgan reported on progress on information updates. She is working on refining letter to new members, also on increasing amount of new members and is working on getting links corrected.
o Facebook, Twitter recruitment strategies – have been sending out info on Twitter, have approximately 100 on twitter and almost 300 on Facebook. Conference information is loaded on Facebook. Hoping it will increase actual membership.
Questions arouse regarding the number of ARSL members? Maybe useful for board to know what areas we have subscribers? How does that compare to membership? Membership info would have to come from BCR and this report should be sent to Sonja monthly. Carla stated that a list of membership should be sent to committee chair monthly. Sonja will check with Cheri at BCR.
Discussion took place on what are the top ways that people connect with ARSL, looking at the raw numbers of how many people are using the social networking sites. Sonja has combined several groups in Second Life to send out notices about events. Discussion took place; it may be time to draw some analysis on who is using which sites and how many members are using these other sites, besides the listserv. WJ is tracking sites where people are “referred” from. Chrystie offered to look for this info on ARSL site.
By Laws Task Force Report
Andrea reported on ex-officio board members and their responsibilities/privileges and a motion was made to change Section 5, article 1 of the bylaws and take it to the membership at the annual meeting during the Sept conference. Don – Motion – Rose – second. Vote – 6 yes – 2 nay, 1 no vote.
Nominating Committee Report
The committee is asking for “self nomination” from the ARSL listserv including a statement and a photo that will appear on the ballot. Names for nomination can be sent to Carolyn Ashcraft so the form can be sent. Committee looks over several factors to consider proposed board members.
Identify documents from today to be posted to Webjunction/arsl
Patty is considering switching from Google Groups to Google Docs because of organizational issues. She will be moving some files over from groups to docs.
Next Meeting – Monday, June 15, 2009
Meeting Adjourned.



Minutes 02-09-09

Association for Rural and Small Libraries
Board of Directors Meeting
Monday, February 9, 2009
10:00 a.m. Pacific; 11:00 a.m. Mountain; Noon Central; 1:00 p.m. Eastern
Minutes Submitted by Mary Pasek Williams, Secretary
Welcome and Call to Order
Meeting convened at 12:03pm CT. Present: Patty Hector, Jim Malzewski, Larry Grieco, Carolyn Ashcraft, Becky Heil, Rose Chenoweth, Carla Lehn, Mary Pasek Williams, Lynette Sloan, Timothy Owens, Sonja Plummer Morgan, Satia Orange, Andrea Berstler, Steve Seale, Ken Davenport, Chrystie Hill. Absent: Don Reynolds, Susan Hill Pieper.
Consent Agenda
Andrea moved to approve the board meeting minutes from Dec. 16, 2008, Larry seconded. Minutes approved.
Treasurer’s Report
Becky reports over 900 transactions last year! Income isn’t itemized by BCR, so Becky has to guess what these are based on. Andrea moved we accept the treasurer’s report, Sonja seconded. Motion passed.
Final 2008 Budget Actuals & 2009 Proposed Budget:
The hotel line item is highlighted because some of the things here include board meeting expenses at the annual meeting. Speakers as well as special events are included in the hotel costs and have not been extracted from the hotel costs. Becky accidentally left off the Second Life expenses and will put them back on.
Sonja will work on more accurate/realistic number projections on membership with the Membership Committee for Becky’s reporting needs and will determine how many are new and renewal members using BCR data. In response to a question regarding how how members are supposed to know when to renew, Becky noted that BCR sends out renewal notices and then a reminder four weeks later. Some board members have gotten notices, others haven’t. Sonja suggests that we check this thoroughly so that we don’t lose anyone and hopes to resolve the disconnect between BCR and ARSL.
Patty responded to board member concerns about the problems we’ve had with getting all the information we need from BCR, saying that we have been working with BCR about these issues and most should be fixed or are being worked on. Becky feels that things should be working well with BCR again soon.
Timothy asked for the ALA affiliate expense to be added as well. Timothy moved to approve the budget with the two corrections (Second Life building renewal cost and affiliate cost added to the expense list). Andrea seconded. Motion passed.
Executive Committee Report
The Executive Committee met on Jan. 29. Patty reports that the committee recommends a joint conference with ABOS in Denver in 2010. Patty had a very positive conversation with the ABOS president and vice-president at ALA Midwinter in Denver in Jan. 09. Larry noted that he will have a phone conference meeting tomorrow and is very pleased that ABOS may be joining us in our conference. Carolyn suggested that it would be ok to go forward with a joint/overlapping conference in 2010 realizing it won’t be a joint conference every year. Larry responded to a question regarding in which hotel the meeting will be held, saying that the group that works together will determine this. Sonja moved that we hold our conference with ABOS in 2010. Larry seconded. Motion approved.
The Executive Committee voted to take a stand on the Consumer’s Protection Act, which will be passed on to the Publications committee.
Carla said that Don reported that the logo design will be sent out to artists.
Conference Committee Report
Hotel Contract : Satia reported that she has not yet received the hotel contract but that an ALA staff member did review it and will send it to her this afternoon. Don sent it to the executive meeting this morning; we’ll table this issue until the next meeting.
Steve noted that they are offering their member libraries an opportunity to attend the conference with a stipend; he strongly requests information as soon as possible so members can decide whether or not to go; other board members feel strongly that many people need details about the conference now. Patty said she has discussed this with Don and agrees that we need to move forward quickly on publicizing it. Andrea moved that we grant the executive committee authority to authorize publicity for the conference at this time. Steve seconded. Motion passed. Patty will call an executive committee meeting as soon as Don reports that he has an ALA contract review and approval. Lynnette will report to Don regarding the board’s recommendation to publicize the conference immediately.
Programs and Publications Committee Report
ARSL listserv: Rose reported that Andrea will be the list monitor to follow up on listserv questions. Rose noted that pushing “reply” sends the information only to the sender as our default; discussion took place to have “reply all” done in moderation. The entire board has been “seeding” discussion non the listserve. The website subcommittee on WebJunction (WJ) expects to post hot topics, grants, and library profiles on the WJ website and drive traffic to them via the listserve. A vote was taken to leave the listserv as is in its default mode.
WJ and BCR updates: Rose posted several BCR and a WJ website statistics reports that show how many hits were made to their website. Rose will continue to post these as they come in.
Rose invited consultant members of ARSL via the listserv to network on continuing education and library development topics. Rose is waiting for more input on this before they decide how to proceed.
The blog subcommittee is currently in the process of design and scheduling.
Congratulations to Sonja, who received the Second Life Library Mentor award for her work in Second Life. We at ARSL are happy to have Sonja with us!
Sonja noted that she posted a couple of her Second Life reports on Googlegroups. Regarding her work with ARSL’s presence on Facebook, comments show that it is a good way to promote ARSL. Sonja will supplement ARSL member benefits by posting as many things as is possible to point back to WJ and to our content there. She notes that ARSL’s Facebook page is also a great networking tool.
Sonja reported on Second Life and our virtual conference; she provided us with a screen shot of the virtual exhibit, which happened in January. The presence we had in Second Life provided links to ARSL and to our Facebook page, etc. Ken attended and was impressed. Sonja says that on average, nine people visit Second Life each week.
Marketing and Partnerships Committee
Chair Timothy reported that his committee will determine ARSL’s response to U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission regarding exemption for libraries from the Consumer Protection Anti-Lead Law. Timothy reported that they were working on a letter suggesting that libraries be exempt but the law has now been postponed for a year. All agreed we should still write a letter with a policy position that we’d post to WJ and to the Consumer Product Safety Committee, then we’d make statements to congress.
Brenda Crotts sent out a call to the listserv for stories about the economic crisis impact on libraries – the committee is collecting them in order to have them ready when there are opportunities to comment.
Sonja asked if ARSL is taking a position that we can also share with the field. Is intent simply to send out our position? Or do we also provide a template for a letter to congress people to be used by our members? Does ARSL provide that kind of support? Timothy says it’s a great idea to encourage this. There are other templates out there that we might be able to draw on and point to. Discussion ensued regarding ARSL taking a leadership role with distinctions noting that this is a stand taken by the Board and asking for input from the members via the listserv. Timothy will put together the Board’s thoughts and will send them to the listserv for comment/input before sending on to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Discussion followed regarding the topic “How is ARSL playing a leadership role?”
In consultation with Carolyn Ashcraft, Timothy’s committee is drafting a letter to send to COSLA asking them to identify a rural contact at each state library, and to assist states in identifying how they can use LSTA funds to involve rural folks in the conference. Each state will have to be able to fit it into their state LSTA plan.
Jim Malzewski reported that he has left WJ as of Feb 6 . . . he will now be consulting with libraries and other groups, but plans to remain active in ARSL – thank goodness for that! Board members expressed extreme gratitude for all of Jim’s good work and support over the years. Clearly, this board appreciates Jim’s efforts on ARSL’s behalf. Chrystie Hill, WJ’s Director of Community Services, who will now be ARSL’s WJ contact person also expressed gratitude to Jim and respect for his work. She is excited to come on board and support ARSL now.
Membership Development Committee
Becky and Sonja have been working on this. Couple of questions before us:
(1) Should BCR or membership committee notify new members? Does it go to membership committee? Or does it go to Becky?
(2) Business members?
We did re-create the membership letter – it is loaded on to Googlegroups – lots of people helped correct links, etc. This is what goes out to people when they join ARSL.
Sonja is looking at if social networking is a good way to recruit members . . . we are engaging them there, would like to explore that more fully. Carla volunteered to serve on membership committee if needed, and will send names of others who have volunteered to Sonja.
Andrea mentioned that her by-laws task force has not met yet because they hadn’t heard any issues to be discussed. Patty reminded her that the ex officio issue is why we set up the Task Force at the Sacramento Board meeting. Carla suggested that the Task Force will need to give at least a preliminary report in April, in order to be ready for any by-laws changes to be included in Carolyn’s nominating committee’s election, which will happen in June/July timeframe.
Meeting adjourned at 12:05 p.m. Pacific Time. Next meeting will be scheduled for two hours.
Next Meeting – Monday, April 20, 2009